Thinking Out Loud #32 – Travelling for Work

Hi everyone,

happy Thursday! It’s late, the conference is over, I am back at home. I feel a bit crazy after the long drive. So I better just start thinking out loud!Thinking-Out-Loud Thanks Amanda for hosting :-) If you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here

1. One night away


Isn’t it ridiculous how much stuff you need when you go away for just one night? I have a gym bag for my clothes and toiletries, my laptop bag, my cooler and my “purse”. I am packed like a mule and everything is necessary!

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What I ate Wednesday #54 – Recipe Testing

Hello everyone,

it’s Wednesday again and thick fog is swirling through the early morning outside my window. After publishing this post have to pack my stuff and then I am going to have breakfast with my mom and aunt. Around noon I am hitting the roads to drive all the way up to the east of Germany where I am going to attend a conference at the Technical University of Cottbus. I dreaded going there all alone for the last two weeks but today I am actually a bit excited. I look forward to discuss my dissertation and work with other professionals

Yesterday was one of those days when you just do all the things you have to and then it’s afternoon and you realize that it’s Tuesday and you haven’t shot a single picture of the things you ate

Luckily I eat the same things over and over and over again and so I won’t have a problem to show you my eats nonetheless ;-)

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My Week in Review – Falling (not) into a pattern

Hello everyone,

Monday morning again. It’s grey and rainy outside and fall shows us the gloomy shoulder. I love it :-) My office is still quiet and will remain quiet for two weeks as both my assistants are on vacation. I enjoy it. I love me my peace and quiet!

This afternoon I have another long coaching session with three of my Mentees and I am looking forward to it. Time always rushes when you work with those women. It’s my favorite part about this job!

It’s week three back after my vacation and I still have trouble falling back in my pattern. On the one hand maybe it’s a good thing but on the other hand I like having a clear schedule. Maybe it’s easier to get back to my “work me” when I walk on home soil and whip up a week in review list-style.

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Crunchy & Creamy Triple Chickpea Salad

Hello friends,

It’s Friday!!!!! Can I get a big fat Hooray?

Come on guy’s that’s all??? You can do way better! Let’s try again together!

1….2….3…. HOORAY!!!!!!

Yeah, that was great!

And as it’s Friday, it’s of course recipe day! Today I’ll treat you to a brand new recipe of mine. It’s fresh and green, spicy, crunchy and creamy and well pretty delicious obviously ;-)

triple chickpea salad

This recipe also has a little background story I don’t want to keep from you. Imagine a hot and cloudless NY summer day around noon. Tiny Juli, age 29 and her not so patient anymore husband walk down the streets in desperate need of food! Not any food obviously but something healthy, satisfying and delicious. Okay okay we were hunting down a Whole Foods. After ages we finally found one. WE hit the salad bar, hoarded salad worth an arm and a leg, raced to Central Park sat down and just started shoving the food down. IN the end there was left some leafy greens, some kale, hummus, chickpeas and a falafel. OH MY GOSH!!! This was so damn delicious! I love Chickpeas! I love humus, I love Falafel….TRIPLE CHICKPEA PERFECTION!!! So this recipe idea was born. Hope you enjoy!

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Thinking Out Loud #31 – September Shenanigans

Hi everyone,

happy Thursday! Only one more day to go until the weekend. Luckily today is no intro needed as I am terribly uncreative today. So I better just start thinking out loud?Thinking-Out-Loud Thanks Amanda for hosting :-) If you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here

1. Work

Work work is slow at the moment – thank god for that! My thesis on the other hand needs more of my energy. So I decided to dedicate two days a week to my thesis. This will be Thursday and Friday. So today I am going to hit the library and tomorrow I’ll rely on my favorite office in the world. You know what I am talking about ;-)

Yesssss Starbucks. The most creative atmosphere, the stimulating smell of delicious coffee and comfy seating options. Always a winner. My first to-do will be to adjust my task schedule. I need to prioritize my tasks or otherwise I’ll never finish that damn thing


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What I ate Wednesday #53 – Lazy Days

Hello everyone,

Wednesday is no longer my home office day so I am sitting in my office sipping my second coffee and wish I were at home :-P. No kidding. Work has been slow the last week and I am glad and thankful for that as I have a bit of a hard time to adapt. Since we came back from our trip and after my 7 weeks off of work I feel like I am starting over again. I’ve always been a morning person but lately I can’t get up when the alarm bell rings. I am using the snoozing alarm! I’ve never been a snoozing alarm person. And even in the weekends I wake up late-ish! I miss me my wee small hours of the morning! Okay I am exaggerating but early in the morning has always been my favorite part of the day and I don’t enjoy them anymore. Either I sleep or I am tired and run around like a headless chicken.



So it’s not surprising that I need forever to leave for work. So lately I am having breakfast at home in front of the TV and try to wake up. The usual TIT BAKE along with a cup of coffee and a rerun of Brothers & Sisters. And when I am super late like yesterday (I hit the snooze button twice) I have to go with a rerun of Malcolm in the Middle.

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Blending in again

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. My weekend was a mixture of necessary chores like cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping and unpacking the last bags from our trip and fun things like getting a manicure and having my good friend Sandra over on Saturday evening. What started out as a drunk idea in July now quickly became pretty serious and I am more than happy that we will take action tonight and book our next trip. Guess what guys, we’re going to London over New Year’s Eve!

For now it’s just the three of us but a group of other friend consider to join us but will fly in a little later than we do. I am excited and happy and feel really greedy after I have been travelling already so much this year! But then I silence the little reasonable voice in me who wants me to stay at home and save my money and let the reckless fun wash over instead. Sometimes the little buzzkill needs a reminder to shut the fuck up, enjoy life and do what makes us happy as long as we can still do those things. Yes that’s how I treat my queasy conscience – works fine – every once in a while :-P

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