Thinking Out Loud #37 – Growing Old and Childhood Memories

Thursday posts are either the easiest of the week or the hardest. As much as I love to stop thinking about structure and sense and just gush out whatever comes to my mind, there are certain days when every thought that actually comes to my mind just seems too random. But I promised myself not to fret about that on Thursdays and just word my thoughts out loud!


1. PSL <3


I usually allow myself 1 Starbucks PSL a year. I am not happy with the ingredients, it’s actually too sweet for my taste buds and it gives me heartburn. My only shot on PSL happened last weekend when Stefan and I had a day date at Munich and we got us some coffee and wandered around the English Garden. So I am practically already done with my yearly fix. Seriously I don’t think so. So I whipped up my first ever sugar free PSL! Ridiculously good. What kept me hesitating for so long?

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What I ate Wednesday #59 – A day in the life

Today is the first really cold day here in south Germany. We face a frosty 5°C and everyone is moaning except me. I am thrilled. I am wearing my new scarf and a cozy turtleneck and damn it makes me happy!

It’s also one of those days where I feel the need to say a little more. I haven’t shared a “day in the life” post for forever so I thought I’ll tell you a little more about my day yesterday. It’s a good mixture of everything that’s happening in my life lately – work crazy (not so bad this time but still), great food, workouts, and some cozy time at home mostly spend in the kitchen. Oh my god, that sounds lame even to me!

Okay nevertheless I had a good day – all in all – but why don’t you judge yourself?

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Catching up Monday #2

Good morning, Monday. How are you doing? Oh, that’s good to hear! I am quite good actually, too. Yeah, the weather is really nice this morning. I heard we can expect a golden October day with around 22°C . That’s pretty warm. Almost too warm as I really really want to wear my sweaters and scarfs now! Oh yes, I’d die for a cup of coffee. Let’s make ourselves comfortable and catch up.

Hey guys, how nice you’re joining Monday and me again today. Have a seat, get yourself a drink. Let’s start!

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Raw Vegan Orange and Fig Cheesecake

I was introduced to the concept of raw vegan cake on Instagram. Usually I praise myself to be open-minded but when I first saw the words raw and vegan in combination with cake I was sceptical. To be honest I was even more than sceptical. This sounded as appealing as eating same play doh.

The next thing that almost put me off was using cheesecake as a description for something entirely vegan. It absolutely sounds like a hoax. BUT and of course there’s a big BUT the pictures I saw were more than appealing and after checking out the recipe it sounded like a really nice combination! So I tried it.


And let me tell you, it was more than delicious. And absolutely deserves the cheesecake label! The original recipe is this Blueberry and Lime Cheesecake Pie from a lovely women called Erika who whips up some amazing recipes over at loveliveraw.

Though the recipe I’ll post here now is my combination but the doing is adapted from Erika. So thank you very much for inspiring me :-) I altered something here and there and made sure it’s Paleo friendly.

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Thinking Out Loud #36 – Ditching, Itching and more Randomness

Congratulations Amanda for the 100th TOL post! Random thoughts have something catchy and it’s good to get them out sometimes. Thanks for hosting a great outlet :-)

Thinking-Out-Loud Let’s dive straight into the madness….. If you’re confused now and want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here

1. Ditching

I am very guilty for ditching the stretching after working out as often as possible. If it wasn’t so necessary I would forget about it altogether! I hate all cool down activities. I run too fast, I stretch too short, not deep enough… you get the point. Truth is this is not because I am being too lazy but because IT FREAKING HURTS!

Stretching out legs and glutes after a heavy squat session – damn hell!

Even getting your arms over the body after some push presses or pull ups – holy shit!

I am very sure I am not made for stretching. Yesterday I was told I looked like a baby seal whilst doing a scorpion stretch – didn’t make it any better :-P Who’s with me here?

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What I ate Wednesday #58 – Cake for Breakfast

Nature is just pretty darn awesome in fall. When I drove back from work yesterday I passed a small lake and was confronted with this spectacular view. Of course I had to stop and take a few pictures. Can those stunning sunsets never end please? I could lose myself entirely in these kids of moments.


I spend the rest of the evening pretty happy and content. Fall calms me. I am less restless. It’s a nice and pleasant change to my usual unsettled mind. Maybe I was also happy because I had a darn good day of eats!

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Catching up Monday

Oh sweet Monday morning – how nice to have you back! (You see I am using reverse psychology here – my new mantra: conciliate with what you can’t change. Instead of fighting it I’ll embrace it now!) So okay Monday my dear, let’s get us a cuppa coffee and catch up. I feel there’s a new tradition forming here. You’re all kindly invited to join Monday and me. Brew yourself a mug of hot dark deliciousness or maybe some tea. We’re not discriminating here. Make yourself comfortable, sit down, get rid of your shoes, take up a yoga position or bend down in a deep squat – whatever you need to feel good.


Everyone ready? Okay great! Let’s catch up!

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