What I ate Wednesday #72 – All the bars & spooning Nutbutter

Hello Wednesday and happy hump day. Bavaria is under a layer of snow which makes my way to and back home from work a rather slippery and slightly longer experience than I wished. A plus is that this morning I had an excuse to leave the apartment an hour later – hey I needed to wait until die snow plows had finished their work ;-) I used the time wise and whipped up a batch of PB & Chocolate Cornflakes Bars. I love all the bars at the moment and I can’t see an end to clutter you with more recipes anytime soon. And given that I am finally satisfied with the recipe I’ll post it on Friday. But I am ahead of myself. Today it’s only Wednesday and that means we talk food! Big Thanks to Jenn for hosting the food fun!


Vegan Protein Rice Crispy Squares 2

Lately I am lazy with my breakfast. So I just popped in the kitchen and got me three of these Vegan Protein Rice Crispy Squares which I enjoyed along my morning coffee.

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Drippy White Chocolate Macadamia Nutbutter

Hello my name is Juli and I am a foodie! I love food in general and many things are just great but let’s face it, you get the best taste out of it when you combine the right things. And there are certainly some matches that ARE made in heaven. You need proof? How about this:

Almond Butter and Honey!

Beef Burger and Guacamole!

Hazelnut Butter and Figs!

Bacon and…. okay bacon is great with anything!

And one of my all-time favorites…. macadamia and white chocolate.


You don’t believe it? Have you ever been to Subway? Get you a Macadamia Nut and White Chocolate Cookie, no forget that, get you at least 3 of those cookies and find yourself a cozy place out of the public eye. You’ll certainly soon stage a pretty convincing performance of Gollum purring a slightly mad: MY PRECIOUS!!!!!

But I don’t have a Subway near me and as there are some pretty epic cookie recipes out there I today go a different route and make a nutbutter out of this heavenly match.

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Vegan Protein Rice Crispy Squares

Lately I have thought a lot about different tastes. How do you make sure your recipes don’t only fit your taste but also other people? I like bars and protein powder, I like cacao butter and puffed rice, but do you? I fully approve of these Vegan Protein Rice Crispy Squares but will others? Luckily I as well as most of you have some test eaters I bomb my goodies with. And I let it up to them if a recipe is approved of <3

Vegan Protein Rice Crispy Squares

My most common test eater is the lovely hubby. And then I have two wonderful colleagues who also follow a healthy lifestyle and are keen on trying new recipes. But there are others as well and today I’ll introduce you to my Nemesis when it comes to healthy food: my sister! After trying a few bars on the hubby I need my sister to further approve of healthy recipes. In my case she is the perfect test eater as she and a healthy lifestyle are definitely two opposite concepts. Only today she told me that her fridge holds nothing but coke, red bull, butter and an avocado. This pretty much convinced me entirely that I must be adopted!

But anyways she highly approved of today’s recipe and so I’ll treat you with a new vegan bar designed to fit an athletes needs.

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Thinking Out Loud #48 – A Rut, a Quiz and a lot of Nonsense

Hello Thursday! Finally. On Wednesday I really thought it was already Thursday. Can you imagine my despair when I realized it was only Wednesday? This week was packed with tasks and important negotiations so now I have enough on my mind to explode. Thanks to lovely Amanda for hosting our ramblings :-)


Crossfit rut

At the moment I am in a little rut. With being first on vacation and then being put off by a nasty flu it’s been a long time without Crossfit. Then I started again but it felt ridiculously difficult. I was still a bit weaker from being sick and everything was so hard. I decreased my Crossfit time to twice a week and I am constantly in a state of muscle ache. Everything feels wrong. So this time instead of burying my head in the sand I try to actively handle the situation. I’ll get a new perspective by starting the weightlifting program at Crossfit today. I am so excited. I wanted to try this for ages but never felt good enough. But today I decided to forget all my insecurities and plunge in at the deep end.

And it’s highest time to inaugurate my new Lifting Shoes :-)

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What I ate Wednesday #71 – The Return of long lost Foods!

Before we jump into my Monday eats I need to get something of my chest today. Apologies for being such a bad blogger. I know I have been horrible with answering your comments and I am still about two weeks behind. I totally love every single comment and I will answer them all. I hope to be able to catch up with them all this weekend. Live has been hectic lately and at work some unforseen time-consuming and nerve-wrecking things have come up. I will have to face some changes at work and I am quite upset about it. But live changes and we can’t stop it. And from a different perspective it might be even a good thing. But I need to come to terms with those changes now no matter what… But I won’t bother you with details today. Instead let’s have a look at my food diary. Big Thanks to Jenn for hosting the food fun!



For breakfast I had an Apple Pie Protein Smoothie. I haven’t had a Smoothie in ages and I quite enjoyed a liquid breakfast. At the moments I have problems to eat breakfast and though I usually despise leaving the house in the morning without some food in my system I can’t quite persuade myself of eating breakfast. Drinking it instead worked at least. But I have to admit that there have been more days last week when I just skipped breakfast in favor of a mid-morning snack.

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Kettlebells, Kettlebells swinging all the way……

Okay maybe this is a bit odd given that Christmas is already over BUT the fact that I got this nice set of kettlebells for Christmas evens out every inapproprite singing here.

I realized that I haven’t posted a workout in ages! So as I have no recipe for you today I thought it would be fun to talk a bit about my recent workouts.

So today I am going to tell you a little about kettlebell workouts and why I like them so much! I also share some of my favorite kettlebell moves, how I add a new move to my workout routine and how you can start to work with them on your own.

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Thinking Out Loud #47 – Love, Experience, Fun

Hello Thursday! Thank God this week is almost over. I can’t say that the weekend won’t be busy but at least I don’t have to go to work. But it could definitely be worse after all I am really glad I still have a job :-P It’s time for some random fun again. Thanks to lovely Amanda for hosting our ramblings :-)


What I want from life – apparently…

Yes it seems to be that easy! No more wondering, no more fretting, Just look at the picture and the first three words you see describe what you want most in life. We’ve done this before but I am sure as we change over time, the words we will see will also change.

three words

Last year my words were: Love, Run, Happiness

This time I got: Love, Experience, Fun

Quite fitting in my eyes – last year for my last year as well as this year for my current mindset. I try to experience all that’s possible right now. I think I have never lived more than I do at the moment! What are your words?

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