Thinking Out Loud #38 – Let’s panick it’s Halloween

I am bushed, too many things swirl in my mind. I came to the office, in need for a coffee and I wasn#t even properly sitting on my chair and had to discuss statistics with my colleague. I am glad for a home office day tomorrow. Glad for following my own pace and need hierarchy. For now all I can do is sort my thought by thinking out loud!


1.  Pumpkin Love


On my way to work is this pumpkin stall where you can pick out a pumpkin or 10 and pay by putting the costs in a little can. If they make a win or a loss is all up to the honesty of the people as there’s nobody there to monitor the pumpkins. I love those stalls.Yesterday I spend there 15 minutes picking the best little Hokkaidos I could find! Now I have loads and loads to stuff :-) Or maybe I make some Pumpkin Lasagne?

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What I ate Wednesday #60 – Sunday Funday

Today I couldn’t write my post first thing in the morning but had to postpone it to my lunch break. As you might know we’re currently waiting for money! We have pitched for a subsidy program which would ensure our next 5 years. So right this morning we got a feedback regarding our pitch and they had a query regarding our gender strategy as well as they wanted some additional numbers. So I spend the morning on the phone with our financial officer, my colleague and my boss and now I sent it all out! Fingers crossed. If this works we would be safe for 5 years! That’s HUGE!!!!! But till then the foremost question at German Universities is and will always be…

So enough stress for one morning. Let’s go back to the warm and comforting place where memories of food are saved. Aka my mobile phone’s picture gallery ;-) To mix things up a little I’ll tell you a bit my last Sunday. I always show weekdays so I thought you might be interested in some Sunday eats. That’s more or less a very typical weekend day!

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Catching up Monday #3

Good morning, Monday.

Nice to have you here again. Cuppa coffee? Alright….. Yeah, let’s catch up :-)

What happened last week? Good question. In short: a lot!

My last week was crammed with activities. Yes, I can of course give you some details.

Let’s start with the social part…

On Friday afternoon Stefan and I went on another day date to an Irish Pub in Munich right next to Frauenkirche. We planned to go and have lunch but had to reschedule for 2.30pm due to work. Neither of us had lunch though so we were basically starving when we finally arrived there. This happened then… needless to say that we almost cleaned the plate!

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Sweetpotato Gnocchi Salad

Gnocchi, Gnocchi everywhere.


I was craving Gnocchi like crazy for a long time now. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. The ones that taste good cost a fortune and the servings are so small that you are never sated. So why not make them from scratch? Good question! After googling some recipes I was surprised how easy it seemed to be. Of course I aimed for a Paleo friendly version and changed a few ingredients. The first time they turned out perfect! I didn’t write down the measurements.

Second time, all prepared for taking notes and pictures of the Gnocchi later I failed miserably. It wasn’t just not pretty but not edible!

Third time I tweaked the measurements a bit and again: wonderful! Better than the first version actually.

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Thinking Out Loud #37 – Growing Old and Childhood Memories

Thursday posts are either the easiest of the week or the hardest. As much as I love to stop thinking about structure and sense and just gush out whatever comes to my mind, there are certain days when every thought that actually comes to my mind just seems too random. But I promised myself not to fret about that on Thursdays and just word my thoughts out loud!


1. PSL <3


I usually allow myself 1 Starbucks PSL a year. I am not happy with the ingredients, it’s actually too sweet for my taste buds and it gives me heartburn. My only shot on PSL happened last weekend when Stefan and I had a day date at Munich and we got us some coffee and wandered around the English Garden. So I am practically already done with my yearly fix. Seriously I don’t think so. So I whipped up my first ever sugar free PSL! Ridiculously good. What kept me hesitating for so long?

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What I ate Wednesday #59 – A day in the life

Today is the first really cold day here in south Germany. We face a frosty 5°C and everyone is moaning except me. I am thrilled. I am wearing my new scarf and a cozy turtleneck and damn it makes me happy!

It’s also one of those days where I feel the need to say a little more. I haven’t shared a “day in the life” post for forever so I thought I’ll tell you a little more about my day yesterday. It’s a good mixture of everything that’s happening in my life lately – work crazy (not so bad this time but still), great food, workouts, and some cozy time at home mostly spend in the kitchen. Oh my god, that sounds lame even to me!

Okay nevertheless I had a good day – all in all – but why don’t you judge yourself?

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Catching up Monday #2

Good morning, Monday. How are you doing? Oh, that’s good to hear! I am quite good actually, too. Yeah, the weather is really nice this morning. I heard we can expect a golden October day with around 22°C . That’s pretty warm. Almost too warm as I really really want to wear my sweaters and scarfs now! Oh yes, I’d die for a cup of coffee. Let’s make ourselves comfortable and catch up.

Hey guys, how nice you’re joining Monday and me again today. Have a seat, get yourself a drink. Let’s start!

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