Paleo Christmas Cookies

I love Christmas. That’s no secret. But it’s a little secret that I actually love the time before Christmas even more than Christmas itself.  I love going to Christmas fairs, I love the lights, I love the decoration, buying presents and gift-wrapping them and it won’t surprise you that my favorite part is of course baking christmas cookies.

Christmas Cookies

As cutting down my grain and sugar intake is a constant struggle of mine I dreaded the Christmas season a bit this year. How cool can it be if there’s no cookies for me??? Okay of course I am going to eat some cookies but how cool is it if I feel always like shit after eating them. Even if you’re not a supporter of Pavlov’s Conditioning Theory no one can deny that biting in a cookie is not as much fun when you know what happens next.

A common solution: Paleo-fying it! So I flipped through some baking books but couldn’t find a single recipe that is not made of sugar and grains and butter. Mmmmh butter… but I digress. Okay no problem I make my own. Here you go!

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What I ate Wednesday #63 – Go to foods

I am sitting at my desk barely alive. This morning I needed two cups of coffee before I was ready to change into appropriate pants. I just sat on the couch and tried to keep my eyes open. I slept like a stone but felt the same when my alarm rang way too early. I hope I manager to make it through the day without the need of a nap. Though if I took a nap in my car or in my office this might cause some gossip :-P



Yesterday was a long day. It started benign enough with a Tit Bake – Banana Egg Bake – my breakfast to go. Yesterday I felt a little cristmassy and so I added some speculoos spice and topped it with hazelnut butter and honey. Along side a coffee and some Brothers & Sisters. Perfect!

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Catching up Monday #6 – The Burger week

I can’t believe it’s already middle of October yikes – November! Time is running and I can’t say that I am suffering from boredom. My life is hectic and full, I am running from appointment to appointment and I am feeling a bit worn out. Yet I love it!

Lately I am ridiculously happy. It’s not the big things like my fantastic honeymoon this summer it’s more the tiny everyday things that make me smile and feel genuinely content and satisfied with my place in life. It’s sitting on the couch with my partner in crime watching TV, it’s smashing a workout, it’s sorting out a strategy for my PhD at Starbucks and it’s smelling christmas spices and looking forward to baking some epic gingerbread cookies with my nieces and nephew.

Okay now I am too cheesy. Yet I am complaining and ranting so much here that I felt the need to express my happiness here from time to time too. Because usually I am just complaining about first world problems. But enough now. Let’s catch up – it’s Monday. A new week and new opportunities…

Let’s start with the social part…

My social life starts usually on Friday but last week we had concert tickets for Linkin Park in Munich. I wanted to see them for ages and never made it. I also put this on my 30before30 list. And so this is the first thing I can officially check off now :-)


The concert was fantastic. The show amazing and they played most of my favorite songs. We came home pretty late and I was happy that I got to work from home on Friday.

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What I ate Wednesday #62 – Breakfast for Lunch

My head is heavy and full like a too ripe watermelon! Research sometimes does that with me. At the moment I am interviewing back to back. And though it’s a really satisfying and interesting thing to do when you leave the office in the evening you just can’t catch a single coherent thought anymore. But I don’t want to complain as my interviews are amazing so far and in 3 weeks time I will have finished all the data collection for my dissertation. Wooohoooo!



Monday morning started rocky. The Portuguese food and wine messed me up a bit and When I woke I just couldn’t find the thought of food appealing at all. Especially no sweet breakfast food. I gladly sucked in the caffeine of my first coffee though. So on my way to the office I made a quick stop at our organic supermarket and bought some spicy tofu burger which I gladly devoured with some hot sauce.


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Catching up Monday #5

Hello party people, that was a weekend! Not that I partied much, or at all…. at least not in the traditional sense. But I digress…

I can’t believe how much happened in those last few days since we had a chat together. I spare us all a long prep talk and jump right into my recap.

Let’s start with the social part…

We had an awfully full weekend. On Saturday morning we went grocery shopping and then I had a chat with my sister. I spend the afternoon in the kitchen (more on that later) and in the evening my friend Kristin came over and we had dinner together. She brought a cake and we the three of us had the better part as a dessert. Ooops ;-)


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