Thinking Out Loud #28 – The Vacation Diaries Part II

Hi everyone,

my sense of days and time is totally off at the moment so I am happy I didn’t miss Thursday. Let’s start Thinking out loud!  Thanks Amanda for being such a lovely host :-)Thinking-Out-LoudIf you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here


1. Narnia

I’ve been missing out on posting for the last few days. We were visiting family and though I brought my computer with me I decided to take a break from blogging and just enjoy my free time. Saturday and Sunday were quite sunny and we spend the days and evenings outside. Then it began to rain :-P But then were stuck in the house for the better part of Monday and Tuesday. We visited some events but I didn’t take any photos as the lighting was horrible. On Tuesday we got a little cabin fever and went to the town.


We ended up drinking a Sprizz in a small coffee to wait until the worst rain was over. After some time we had to leave though and arrived at the house like this.


Soaked to the skin but with a smile :-) Now we came home for today and tomorrow but we’ll go back Friday. More family time with some narniaresque experiences (and hopefully more photos) and a holy lot of fabulous eats. More to come next week…

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Coconut Crusted Mini Schnitzel

Hello friends,

it’s Friday and I can’t belive that my first week of vacation is already over! I had a fun time and I am already a bit more relaxed. After a whole week of relaxing, reading and meeting friends you can expect that, can’t you? So today it’s Friday and time for a new recipe

coc schnitzel

After publishing this wonderful and yummy totally Whole30 approve recipe I am going to meet my friend and PhD colleague Cecilia for brunch. I haven’t seen her much in the last few month as she’s pregnant now and has to rest a lot. So a proper catch up is totally necessary by now. And then in the afternoon we’re taking off to Narnia :-)

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Thinking Out Loud #27 – The Vacation Diaries

Hi everyone,

happy Thursday! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Let’s start Thinking out loud!  Thanks Amanda for hosting this link-up party :-)Thinking-Out-LoudIf you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here


1. Reading

Something I really love but I have criminally neglected for several month is reading. Reading just for the fun of it. Nor work-related stuff neither any scientific studies. Just me and a good book. I’ve spent at least two of the last 4 days with books. First I finished Silber – a German novel for teenagers which is a fantasy story about the power of dreams – literally. Then I dived right into Divergent and was so hooked that I pretty much didn’t do anything else until I was finished. I ran to get me the sequel and I am now half way through. This is really my favorite pastime ever <3

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What I ate Wednesday #50 – What I ate during the Whole30

Hello everyone,

Happy Wednesday and happy WIAW! Today is not only my third day of vacation but also my first day after completing the Whole30. Let’s pop the bottles! No I mean this I am literally going to pop a bottle of white wine tonight :-D Did you expect anything different? Seriously? Then you must be new here! In that case: Hi there, nice to meet you! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a freaking delicious showcase of my Whole30 eats!

So right with the beginning of my vacation I finished the month of strictly eating paleo. Speaking briefly of my vacation so far I can say that I spent the better part of the last two days here: In the sun, on my balcony binge-reading a good book. Okay two books. I was so hooked on Veronica Roth’s Divergent that I straightaway bought the sequel :-)


Okay but now enough prep talk. Let’s move onto the food! Without any specific order I’ll show you some yummy eats not only to make you jealous but also to point out to you that such a program doesn’t need to deprive yourself from satisfying food by all means.

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The Whole30 – My 4th Week

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all head a great weekend. I am still a bit tired though I could sleep in today. BUT it was so necessary to stay up long and watch a nerve-wrecking World Cup Finals. It was a very even match but we were the lucky winners in the end. This was well deserved for this team. They did a great job and after two third and a second place in the last 4 World Championships it was high time to win.

So this morning I have already had a cup of coffee and a banana egg bake and now I am going to tell you about my fourth week of my Whole30 experience. Then I will do nothing. Or rather almost nothing. I plan to read on my balcony for the entire day :-)

whole 30

If you’re interested in more about my Whole30 check out my previous posts:

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Spill it, Sundays Flashback Edition #2

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend so far. I am officially on my first vacation weekend and I am loving it. I even slept until 9.30 am today which is more than 2 h longer than I usually sleep.

Yesterday evening was our high school class reunion and it was a blast! My former hated teacher didn’t show up so I have a pie left now for someone else ;-) I talked to many of my former class mates and even to a many I hadn’t had any contact in school. It was fun and I had a really good time. And it was really funny to see how little people change even in 10 years!

Tonight is the Wold Cup Finals and I have mixed feelings. We’ll see. I have a good feeling which is normally a bad thing :-P

It’s a good feeling to have nothing to do. Well I need to clean the apartment a little later but besides that I am free….

…free to share some old but read-worthy posts with you! Thanks to the our Aussi Oats Wizard Arman (yes I also have some terrible nicknaming skills) for hosting this fun link-up.

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Grain free Hash Brown Lasagne

Hello lovlies,

it’s Friday and officially my last day at work for more than 7 beautiful weeks! I am torn. Excitement, freedom and joy on the one hand and on the other hand I am a little afraid that something goes wrong in my absence. But anyways I am not there so I won’t even notice :-)

If you are a regular visitor/ blend/ stalker you’ve certainly already realized that I have a huge addiction to Sweetpotato stuffed with Chili con Carne and melted cheese. As Chili is a big fat NO on my plate during the Whole30 (which will be over next Wednesday) I made a huge batch of Quick Bolognese the other day. You have to fill the chili gap somehow, haven’t you?

hash brown

Then on Tuesday I had some Bolognese as well as some hash brown leftovers. I reckon minced meat and sweetpotato are very close friends in my mind so who is actually surprised that the idea of this lovely Grain free Hash Brown Lasagne was born. For me (at the moment) without cheese for Stefan the real deal!  Stefan said it’s one of the best Lasagnes he ever had. I know he might be a little biased but never look a gift horse in the mouth…

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