Homemade Bailey’s

Today I feel a little festive. With only three days to go until Christmas it’s indeed high time to feel the Christmas spirit. Maybe it’s because I finally decorated the Christmas tree or maybe because I started singingΒ  Christmas carols – no worries my friends, I am singing ONLY when I am alone ;-) – or maybe and to be honest most probably it’s because I was drinking copious quantities of homemade Bailey’s this weekend.


That’s one of my favorite moments of the season. Pouring me a glass of the hazel velvet liquid, listening to Bing Crosby, ruining my favorite carols by singingΒ  along and decorating the apartment. This is true and utter bliss to me. A part of this blissful feeling is graciously provided by the hubby as he’s usually in charge of supplying the Christmas booze aka he’s the one to make Eggnog and Bailey’s every year. And a s a little pre-Christmas gift I am going to share our Bailey’s recipe with you. I am definitely on the nice list aren’t I?

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Hazelnut Chocolate Bites

Oh gosh lovelies, this year was crazy. Crazy in a very good way! My christmas vacation is commencing today and I can’t deny how happy I am to have a few calm days for myself (haha as if – who am I kidding here!) Okay another try… I am happy to have some days off work to catch up with all the stuff that waits to be done. Cough cough – putting up the christmas tree – cough cough….

But nothings gonna stop me from sharing my final Christmas Bites recipe today first. This is not really a strictly christmas recipe but totally edible year-round :-)


Do you know Hanuta? The chocolate and hazelnut mess between the two waffles?As a kid I always broke the “sandwich”, licked out the chocolate and then tossed the waffles. I never understood why they made them in the first place. Totally useless. But today – after a good 20 years – I have the solution! Hazelnut Chocolate Bites <3

Last week I shared the Nougat Mocha Bites and the week before I started this little series with the one and only Fruity Gingerbread flavor – also known as “Printe” in Germany. And today we tackle the hanuta flavored bites

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Thinking Out Loud #45 – Christmas Senanigans and other stuff

Ready for more nonsense? Well I am. Only two days until Christmas vacation and my motivation has set sail and is maybe somewhere near Malaysia at the moment. Let’s procrastinate the important work stuff and think a little out loud!


1. Search Engine Terms

I’ve finally dared to have a look in my search engine term stats and next to a holy lot of recipe related search terms I found some fun ones that I just have to comment:

papaya and coconut water for dinner – absolutely! But only after a huge burger with cheese and bacon and preferably some guac on top too

i want my easy life back – me too my friend. My easy life basically stopped at the age of 3 and yours? If you got it back, please tell me how!

lovely juli hot - I don’t even dare to imagine what this one was after. The only hot thing around here is food! Because I like hot food and I cannot lie…. (thanks Meg, you got me rapping :-P)

butternut squash and migraines - I am not aware that there’s a correlation. After googling this myself all I can say that a healthy, clean lifestyle might ease migraines but I am not a doctor. But I am happy to learn something new.

is stuffed bell peppers st patrick’s day food - sure, why not? I guess it’s safe to say that St. Patrick won’t complain.

lovely things with i - Imagination, Ice Cream, Ice Skating, Italy…

narnia cake - I am intrigued by the idea. Maybe some chimney cake????

lets count out aloud - sure: 3.1415926535… oh you were not talking about pi’s fractional digits?

Haha that was fun! More to come soon. there a a few gems leftover for the next time ;-)

2. There’s nothing like going out in style

- or not going out but prevailing in style! The last weeks mainly consisted of jittering. Aka anxiously waiting for the approval of our contracts. And I guess I said maybe 147 times that if this ended positively for us I would bring Champagne to work. Today I did so :-)


Thanks you all very much for your lovely comments and congratulations on yesterday’s post! This means so much to me! I was genuinely touched! If humanly possible I would invite you all to have a glass with us today!

3. Christmas tree

I haven’t put up the Christmas tree yet! GASP, SHOCK, HORROR! I am one week delayed. At least we have it already on the balcony. Unfortunately the tree is much smaller than I wanted this year. My mom-in-law volunteered to bring one for us, too. As we are horribly busy we gladly leaped at that opportunity. I told Stefan I want the tree to be at least 5’3″, he told his father that we want the tree to be between 4’9″ and 5’3″. He then told his wife we want a small tree and she bought us one of 4’2”. That damn game of whisper down the lane left me with a dwarf’s Christmas Tree :-P

christmas tree4. Harry Potter Christmas Fun




Haha so you better watch out and hide the cake ;-)

Have a great Thursday!


What I ate Wednesday #67 – Flying High

Oh my gosh Christmas is only one week away!!! Luckily I’ve almost finished the Christmas shopping by now so the last week won’t be so stressful. This year I really tried to support the local businesses by attempting to avoid online shopping as much as possible but unfortunately my efforts were pretty unsuccessful. I ended up ordering the better part by Amazon after running through several local stores just to hear that they didn’t have the things in stock neither could they promise that they arrived before Christmas even if they ordered now. Okay so Amazon it was.



I spent the morning on my virtual shopping spree and had a cup of coffee and a Paleo Breakfast Cake. The picture was so blurry that I give the original one here ;-)

Then *badabing* something wonderful happened! My HR rep sent me an email telling me to come over to her office and sign my new contract! Just like that! So I almost ran to her office and signed A THREE YEAR FULL TIME CONTRACT! Yes you a right…




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Catching up Monday #10 – Laughing it off

Hello Monday nice to meeting you for the last time at work for this year. Because in one weeeeeeek, I’ll be on holidays. Yay <3 Desperately needed as the last work weeks have been mentally challenging and moreover the last weekends have left me pretty damn exhausted. Right now I feel my whole body getting sorer and sorer (more and more sore???) by the minute but who am I kidding you all know how much I love it ;-) The pace of the last weeks was freaking crazy but as I know that January will be much calmer I go with the flow and just enjoy it. So what made me sleeping coma like the last 3 nights? Let me tell you…

How I stayed sane…almost…

I’ve been mentioning a couple of times that my contract is still not renewed and that made me really anxious. It’s not that I fear unemployment per se but I love my job and really really really don’t want to lose it! Thursday afternoon finally was the epitome of anxiety when my HR rep told me for the third day in a row that she will know more tomorrow and will call me (what she never did btw). I desperately needed a cheer up and so Stefan and I did the best what wer could and consulted a love expert: Olaf <3 We watched and re-watched and re-re-watched ALL the funny scenes and I laughed so hard that everything hurt and I almost peed my pants. This was the first time I really laughed in weeks.

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Nougat Mocha Christmas Bites

It’s Friday party people – let the craze begin. This year is just crazy in terms of Christmas Parties. This weekend alone we’re invited to 6! ones. Some of course happen to be the same time so I have to decide where to go. Unfortunately I accepted both invitations :-o Maybe I can make up for my state of being unorganized by sending some Christmas Bites???


Last week I started this little series with the one and only Fruity Gingerbread flavor – also known as “Printe” in Germany and Chocolate Hazelnut which taste a bit like Hanuta is going to come next week.

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