Lately, Currently, Whatever, Whenever

Heya folks,

remember when I talked about the Monday/Saturday paradox last week? It’s again VERY tangible here. Already Monday? Are you kidding me? Luckily we have a short week here in Germany with the Day of German Unity our national holiday on Friday. Hello long weekend :-)

Oh and no this had nothing to do with David Hasselhoff! And neither do Germans particularly like that guy. That’s a deep-rooted prejudice mostly fed by himself!

But let’s move on to important things. I have a ton of recipes I want to try on my list. Some from fellow bloggers and blends, some of my own creations I need to remake (and write down), shoot and then post. Doesn’t sound like a fun weekend activity? Well to me it does! Cleaning the kitchen afterwards doesn’t appeal to me at all on the contrary!

Do you want a little sneak peek? Alright. I am quite nosy myself :-P Those two recipes are to come soon:

Paleo Sweetpotato Gnocchi

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Thinking Out Loud #33 – Confessions and Addictions

Hi everyone,

happy Thursday! It’s only one more day to make it through until the weekend. Yay! I have some thinking to do besides the craze that’s going on here at the moment. Thinking-Out-Loud Thanks Amanda for hosting all our ramblings :-) If you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here

1. The leopard can’t change its spots

Inspired by Meghan’s steamy secrets I thought I am going to make a few confessions today ;-)

Sometimes I am embarrassingly German! When I saw this really funny article on Buzzfeed about strange German words I thought I should share it with you!

Though I don’t agree on 22-24. It’s not fly-thing or drive-thing, it should be fly-stuff or play-stuff… I thought about leaving a comment when I saw this in the comment section:


Oh oh I felt so caught.

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What I ate Wednesday #55 – Time to Fall into good habits again

Hello everyone,

this Wednesday I am mixing up my schedule as I have an appointment at my doctorate supervisor to discuss my set of interview questions. Fingers crossed I don’t have to revise too much. So after hitting the publish button I am going to pack my stuff and leave for Munich. I’ll spend the morning at Starbucks. After my appointment I’ll go straight home and then drive over to Augsburg and go to a weightlifting heavy Crossfit workout. I am still sore from Monday’s soccer practice so this might be fun ;-)

But I am getting ahead of myself. This week I will show you my Monday eats. Monday Funday… As I had forgotten to take pictures the last two Tuesdays I thought it might be wise to try out Monday and then have another day left to try again if I failed. Luckily I managed to take a few pictures…



I still start my day slower than before my vacation and enjoy breakfast in front of the TV. You might wonder why I don’t sleep a little longer instead. I do not find half an hour of sleep as calming and relaxing as having an hour in the morning for myself. Banana Egg Bake & Coffee with Coconut Milk were my breakfast of choice.

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My Week in Review – As time goes by

Hello everyone,

why do Monday mornings ALWAYS come so fast whereas Saturday mornings ALWAYS come so slowly? I always doubted the theories that supposed time to be linear as proclaimed by Isaac Newton. Guys, seriously, though I have zero knowledge about natural sciences I know that time can’t “flow equably without regard to anything external“. Maybe that’s a loose interpretation of Newton’s definition but think about the Monday/Saturday paradox as I may call it here… Think about it ;-)

But okay let’s leave the philosophical or maybe even scientific thoughts behind and let’s move to chaos. Okay maybe we haven’t let science completely behind us. What is chaos? In common, chaos is a condition of disorder. In science it is more precisely defined as a theory of nonlinear dynamic systems. Konrad Lorenz explains further that the chaos theory involves following principle:  When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. Yes, I had to consult Wikipedia!

For me today this means that at the moment my brain is in a state of disorder and if I don’t do anything about it my present brain state of chaos will lead to a chaotic day, week….. BUT if I manage to tame the chaos and get some structure in my brain NOW my structured chaos might lead to an effective workday and a successful week. Alright? Can you follow me? So what do I have to do now? Yes guys, you know the answer…

I like my lists, lists help to both solve and prevent chaos. I need some lists in my life. I am listing up my last week for you, now I stop saying/writing the word list.

Maybe this was a bit hard for a Monday morning? Sorry, let’s tame the chaos!

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Thinking Out Loud #32 – Travelling for Work

Hi everyone,

happy Thursday! It’s late, the conference is over, I am back at home. I feel a bit crazy after the long drive. So I better just start thinking out loud!Thinking-Out-Loud Thanks Amanda for hosting :-) If you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here

1. One night away


Isn’t it ridiculous how much stuff you need when you go away for just one night? I have a gym bag for my clothes and toiletries, my laptop bag, my cooler and my “purse”. I am packed like a mule and everything is necessary!

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What I ate Wednesday #54 – Recipe Testing

Hello everyone,

it’s Wednesday again and thick fog is swirling through the early morning outside my window. After publishing this post have to pack my stuff and then I am going to have breakfast with my mom and aunt. Around noon I am hitting the roads to drive all the way up to the east of Germany where I am going to attend a conference at the Technical University of Cottbus. I dreaded going there all alone for the last two weeks but today I am actually a bit excited. I look forward to discuss my dissertation and work with other professionals

Yesterday was one of those days when you just do all the things you have to and then it’s afternoon and you realize that it’s Tuesday and you haven’t shot a single picture of the things you ate

Luckily I eat the same things over and over and over again and so I won’t have a problem to show you my eats nonetheless ;-)

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My Week in Review – Falling (not) into a pattern

Hello everyone,

Monday morning again. It’s grey and rainy outside and fall shows us the gloomy shoulder. I love it :-) My office is still quiet and will remain quiet for two weeks as both my assistants are on vacation. I enjoy it. I love me my peace and quiet!

This afternoon I have another long coaching session with three of my Mentees and I am looking forward to it. Time always rushes when you work with those women. It’s my favorite part about this job!

It’s week three back after my vacation and I still have trouble falling back in my pattern. On the one hand maybe it’s a good thing but on the other hand I like having a clear schedule. Maybe it’s easier to get back to my “work me” when I walk on home soil and whip up a week in review list-style.

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