I am off for Honeymoon now

Hey everyone,

I am just popping in quickly between packing my suitcase, deciding weather or not I need to bring a second pair of ballerina shoes and fretting about the safest place for my credit card.

Tomorrow morning my mum picks us up at 5.30 am and drops us off at the airport. Around noon local time we’ll be landing in New York City then. Okay Newark but who cares :-) Then I’ll be off for 4 weeks!
I will keep you all posted via my Instagram so feel free to stop by and visit me there. I wish you all a wonderful summer and I am already looking forward to see you all again in September.


Double Peach Crusted Turkey Breast

Hello friends,

I can’t belive my three-week vacation at home is over now. I had some great days this week and it was certainly a good time. Especially yesterday was a fun day. I met my friend Dani and her adorable girls for a morning coffee. Her 4-year-old is now mamma for a few snails. She’s so cute! 20140731_113120

Then later I went to the hair dresser’s and next to a haircut I got the most amazing head massage I ever had. I almost fell asleep and it definitely released some tension. In the evening I went to the gym and rocked an amazing workout. Due to my usual sweaty palms I often have problems with holding the kettlebells tight. I got me a pair of gloves now and it helped amazingly. I could even up my weights ;-)

But enough prep talk now. So today it’s Friday and traditionally it’s time for a new recipe :-)

peach crust

A fruity summer recipe with a spicy edge. And hey what’s better than a peach crust? Yes, a double peach crust. You’ll find the magic key ingredient in the marinade as well as in the actual crust. So sit down and enjoy a peachy summer breeze :-)

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Thinking Out Loud #29 – New Recipes & Last Travel Musings

Hi everyone,

happy Thursday! It’s early, I am tired, I have a ton of stuff to do but I will definitely start my day with eating a good breakfast, sipping a cup of coffee and thinking out loud!Thinking-Out-Loud Thanks Amanda for being our lovely host today :-) If you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here

1. Narnia Recap

I know that I promised to recap my Narnia trip today but unfortunately I have to put you off until the weekend. Editing the videos and photos is much more time-consuming than I anticipated. But if you look really close you might be abble to find me riding the flying swing :-D


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What I ate Wednesday #51 – What I ate in Narnia

Hello everyone,

Happy Wednesday and happy WIAW! I can’t believe how ridiculously fast the first 2 and a half weeks of vacation have passed. Now I have only a couple of days left to pack and organize the last stuff of our trip.

Last week I was MIA in Narnia. We spend some turbulent family time and had some great food :-) I’ll tell you more about the whole trip tomorrow but today I’ll show you some of my eats from Narnia :-)


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The Whole30 – Recap

Good morning everyone,

I hope you all head a great weekend. I am back from a week of family and though it was really nice and fun I am so glad to be back at home alone and can relax in my calm and pieceful apartment. Okay no that actually was a big fat lie ;-) As always I can’t rest and instead busy myself all morning. I have already sorted out where I can change some Euros into Dollars, when I can get a receipt as my doctor is on vacation and what else I need to organize this week. Oh yes and then I really need to re-organize my wardrobe.

Okay but first things first. Today I am finally going to recap my Whole30 experience. I took some time but I am glad to have waited for two weeks until I recap as in my opinion you shouldn’t neglect the aftermath of such a process in a recap.

whole 30

If you’re interested in more about my Whole30 check out my previous posts:

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What I ate Wednesday #50 – What I ate during the Whole30

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Thinking Out Loud #28 – The Vacation Diaries Part II

Hi everyone,

my sense of days and time is totally off at the moment so I am happy I didn’t miss Thursday. Let’s start Thinking out loud!  Thanks Amanda for being such a lovely host :-)Thinking-Out-LoudIf you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here


1. Narnia

I’ve been missing out on posting for the last few days. We were visiting family and though I brought my computer with me I decided to take a break from blogging and just enjoy my free time. Saturday and Sunday were quite sunny and we spend the days and evenings outside. Then it began to rain :-P But then were stuck in the house for the better part of Monday and Tuesday. We visited some events but I didn’t take any photos as the lighting was horrible. On Tuesday we got a little cabin fever and went to the town.


We ended up drinking a Sprizz in a small coffee to wait until the worst rain was over. After some time we had to leave though and arrived at the house like this.


Soaked to the skin but with a smile :-) Now we came home for today and tomorrow but we’ll go back Friday. More family time with some narniaresque experiences (and hopefully more photos) and a holy lot of fabulous eats. More to come next week…

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Coconut Crusted Mini Schnitzel

Hello friends,

it’s Friday and I can’t belive that my first week of vacation is already over! I had a fun time and I am already a bit more relaxed. After a whole week of relaxing, reading and meeting friends you can expect that, can’t you? So today it’s Friday and time for a new recipe

coc schnitzel

After publishing this wonderful and yummy totally Whole30 approve recipe I am going to meet my friend and PhD colleague Cecilia for brunch. I haven’t seen her much in the last few month as she’s pregnant now and has to rest a lot. So a proper catch up is totally necessary by now. And then in the afternoon we’re taking off to Narnia :-)

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