Thinking Out Loud #15 – Nudity & Other Things

Hi everyone,

happy Thursday! Thanks to Amanda Thursdays are for Thinking out Loud! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do now :-)Thinking-Out-LoudIf you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here

1. Germany – nudity everywhere

I read the most hilarious thing about Germany and especially Munich last week. As it comes there are areas in Munich where you can enjoy the sun in nothing else but your birthday suit. The allowance had to be renewed lately so this topic caused a stirr in the international press.

According to Forbes around the continent, Germans have the reputation of being “nudist obsessive” as well as “tanning obsessive.” It’s no surprise that many nudist beaches around Europe are frequented mostly by Germans — as are saunas and Turkish baths,  where it’s a safe assumption that the most comfortable naked body walking nearby belongs to a German. (source)

“For much of the population of Munich, it’s almost part of their DNA. Whenever the sun is out, you’ll find Münchner of all ages, shapes and sizes catching some rays as nature intended. (source)

One of the biggest anxieties is that according to The Atlantic Cities (source) one area is just around Marienplatz only 10 minutes from the city center!!!

So beware tourist of all ages, sizes and shapes. You better take your map really seriously when you visit Munich. If you only turn one corner wrong you will be faced with public nudity!!! Stripping down naked is the most common pastime in Munich. We even spend our lunch breaks naked and if only we could we would take the dress down Friday quite literally! Burn all the cloth because nudity is AWESOME!!!


Okay but no kidding here. Most Germans I know are not very prudish when it comes to being naked but neither me nor anybody I know feels comfortable to show everything in front of business partners, colleagues etc. And living near Munich and even with my University right next to the English Garden I can’t recall that I’ve ever seen someone naked there anywhere. When it comes to saunas it’s true. In most of them you are asked to being naked but you always can wrap up in a towel ;-)

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What I ate Wednesday #38 – Hungry, Hungry, Hungry

Hello everyone,

Happy Wednesday and happy WIAW! Unusual for me I was a very good girl and ditched my home office day and dutifully went to the office. I have a lot on my to-do list and I knew working from home today was very likely not to happen. Today the weather is nice and so I would rather have done anything else than concentrate on boring tasks. So I tricked myself and chose the office over the sofa or even Starbucks. I am stupid, I know!

Peas and Crayons

Yesterday was one of those insanely hungry days when you just feel the need to stuff your face with whatever you can get your greedy little fingers on.

Yesterday my new bento box had its debut. I love love love it! My sister, cousin and my cousin’s boyfriend (is there anything than a cousin-in-law???)  gave this box to me for my birthday last month but unfortunately according to difficulties in delivery I only got it this easter weekend.

bentoboxIsn’t it just fab? So what was hidden in my lovely shiny new toy? Have I ever mentioned I am a sucker for anything pretty? Most probably I have!

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Mind over Matter?

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a fantastic easter weekend! I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday and that we all have to be back at work. But as Stefan has a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon we can only work until 1:30 pm latest. Doesn’t sound too bad!

I didn’t post anything last weekend.  Every time I sat down to write a post I got sidetracked and then I gave up on it. But I am happy I had time to spend with friends and family. And isn’t the easter weekend all about that?

On Friday after a day of snuggling up at home and eating homemade Pizza we spend the evening at a friend’s photo studio playing sing star. It’s the perfect location. He’s got a projector and screen and there’s so much space. You can also perform a stage show if you feel the groove ;-) It was 3.30 am when I finally was back at home. We had so much fun!


On Saturday we met my family for easter brunch. It was really nice to catch up with my cousin. She’d been MIA for about 3 month now as she is currently studying for her final exams of her medical studies. She has already passed the written exams and is now preparing for her oral exams in May. I know she’ll do perfect. She is one of the smartest persons I know!

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Lemon & Garlic Asparagus Focaccia

Hello lovlies,

yay it’s Friday :-) The long weekend has officially started. Yesterday evening I spent some quality time with my girls. As always it’s been so much fun! Sometimes you just need a good girl talk. And after a few drinks my friend Kristin and I subscribed for the Reebok Women’s Run in September. I am happy I don’t have to go alone. I guess I wouldn’t have made Stefan to come with me this time ;-)

So for today I am sharing my recipe for Lemon & Garlic Asparagus Focaccia. I love how the lemon and garlic plays with the asparagus flavor. And the Focaccia is deliciously soft and just so morish!

lemon focaccia

It makes a great appetizer, side dish or you can just stuff your face directly from the baking tray like I usually do. The Focaccia is of course not only for asparagus. I like to top it with cherry tomatoes, cheese, rosemary, olive oil and garlic or olives. There’s no limit to your imagination :-) And did I already mention that this is a vegan recipe?

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Thinking Out Loud #14 – Easter Holidays, Being a Badass??? & Food

Hi everyone,

It’s Thursday, YAY, Linking up with Amanda again! Time to let the mind-boggling thoughts flow ;-)Thinking-Out-LoudIf you want to learn more about the idea behind the link-up just click here

1. Easter Weekend

With the last weekend bein anything but relaxing I am more than happy and relieved that we have a very long weekend lying in front of us with 4 days off! We’re going to spend time with both our families and some friends. I don’t have an easter present for Stefan yet. I’m running late this year. I don’t want to buy too many sweets as his mother is going to overdo it like every year and for sure will spoil him rotten. I know that he has nothing for me either and that he’s struggling with finding something but I love the whole hide and seek thing so much that I don’t want to give up on it! And whilst musing about gift options for Stefan I realize I forgot to get something for the kids!!!! Oh no – SHIT!!!!!

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What I ate Wednesday #37 – When Cravings tell you to do different

Hello everyone,

Happy Wednesday and happy WIAW! Only one more day to go until we enjoy a lovely long Easter Weekend!

Two days after my first Half-Marathon I am almost back to normal! My legs are neither stiff nor hurt with any movement anymore. I’ve had a fantastic weekend in Vienna with loads of great food. I enjoyed pizza and burger, ice cream and coffee, we ate falafel at an oriental restaurant and had a lovely fresh pressed juice. Pure bliss!

Peas and Crayons

So back at home yesterday my food rut was totally out-of-place. But I’ve learned a lot about and from my body over the last 12 weeks so I just drifted with the flow ;-) Many thanks to lovely Jenn, for hosting this fantastic link-up!


chilistartAfter a weekend off with no time for food shopping we had almost nothing left at home. Luckily we are usually well prepared aka have some chili in the freezer. So I had packed some chili and sweetpotato for lunch. When I arrived at the office I couldn’t warm myself to the idea of breakfast food and so I followed my cravings and started the day with my lunch :-) Continue reading

Vienna City Half Marathon – Race Recap

training for viennaHello everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine certainly was one of the best weekends I ever had! Though I was in pain yesterday after the race and today every time I tried to move I have to say that it was so worth it!

This is also the first thing I can cross on my Spring Want-do list! YAY! You can read about it here :-)

But let’s start from the beginning…


After a half day at work we took the train from Munich in the afternoon and finally checked in at our hotel at 8pm. We resided at Motel One Vienna Western Station which I really can recommend. We chose this hotel because of its location. Our train arrived and departed there so it was a convenient choice. We booked a double bedroom but were accommodated in a single bedroom with a large bed that was barrier-free. We didn’t mind as we though we could at least take our shower sitting after the run ;-) Then we went for a walk through Vienna looking for a pub where we didn’t get a table and ended at Vapiano where we shared a Pizza and dessert.

On Saturday we first went for breakfast at Freiraum. It was delicious!

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