Sometimes I wonder how my life would do as an inspiration for a TV show. Of course it could only be a trashy one, with a lot of very flat jokes aiming for the cheap laugh and a lot of swearing. But once in a while I’d want a clever joke just for the ones with that damn same sense of sarcasm. And then I wonder who would be in the cast. But I digress…. today I have a few gems for you! I’ll share some very smart and clever, let’s better say sophisticated, trash TV worthy conversation I had this week out loud!


1. Snapchat

Can somebody please explain snapchat to me? I just don’t get it! I tried to send a photo and couldn’t. After a few minutes of trying I sent my sister the photo by what’s app. And my sister anciently added a horrible picture to her history (whatever this is) and we had to google how to remove it.

Conversation with my sister: Are we too dumb? And if not who could possibly explain snapchat to us? Maybe a teenager?

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What I ate Wednesday #77 – Back in the saddle

Whoot, whoot!!! Hump Day! Me being off with the flu has made a six relaxed weeks in the office a rather hectic 4 weeks. How inconvenient! Whenever you think you’ll have a little time to breathe in between the madness something interferes. I still haven’t quite came accustomed to the concept of NOT JINXING IT! But never mind, at the moment my work feels easy to me… OHM I didn’t jinx it again, did I??? I better shut up and tell you instead how my day went including all the delicious eats.



I got up, had a cuppa coffee and then my Banana Egg Bake with a glass of orange juice. I usually don’t buy orange juice but I wanted to offer mimosas for my birthday and I think not a single person had one. So now I am sitting on 8 bottles of orange juice. Instead of milk I used orange juice for my BEB this time because of…well said reason and also because I am reluctant to open a box of milk because at the moment I use so little that it goes off all the time. It wasn’t half bad!

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Catching up Monday #15 – B-Day

Monday morning, back at the office after a weekend of way to little sleep! And I feel surprisingly fresh and full of drive. Haha let’s see how long that lasts ;-)

Birthday week officially came to an end yesterday. I spend the day a little odd as the majority on my time was consumed by cleaning up the remains of my birthday party and nursing the aftermath. Mines were less severe than Stefan’s. But nothing a cup of tea and a few hours of sleep couldn’t fix.


My first meal yesterday was some birthday cake around 4pm. American Cheese with Blueberry <3

Later I met the family for dinner but I was really happy to be at home at 9.30 pm and cuddle up in the PJs on my sofa watching TV and let myself drift to sleep at a sensible time.

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Healthy Birthday Carrot Pancakes

Ever since I was a little girl my favorite cake in the world was my Mum’s Carrot Cake. So it is no surprise that when I was asked what kind of cake I wanted for my Birthday my answer has always been the same: Carrot Cake! – obviously!

The evening before my Birthday my Mum would bake a Carrot Cake and decorate it with the number of marzipan mice matching my new age. Over the years I lost the interest in the mice as they only distracted from the wonderful flavours of the cake. With me moving out and growing older and older this tradition died out.


Fast forward a few years I am still nostalgic when it comes to this kind of cake. And it’s still my absolute favorite! I’ve tried many variations like muffins and breads and of course pancakes.  And as it’s my Birthday week I thought it might on the one hand be a nice breakfast for me today and on the other hand it would be the perfect occasion to share my recipe with you today!

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8 Reasons why I never want to be a Teenager again

It’s astounding
Time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely
Not for very much longer


But you can relax guys, this is not going to be a whiney “where has my youth gone” post because face that I am still young! I am just gobsmacked by how fast the last year has passed. One of my heartfelt wishes for my 30th birthday was to be okay with my age. And I don’t know how but over the course of the last months I somehow became okay with it. More than okay in fact!  And so today I share a few reasons with you why I never would want to be a teenager ever again and being an adult is awesome out loud!


1. Not giving a fuck…

… is something that came with age and experience. As a teenager I was affected by so many different things that I often wasn’t even sure that I reacted to my personal emotions rather than somebody elses. Everything tortured me emotionally! Now I am a lot more relaxed (but don’t ask Stefan – he’ll deny that). No but seriously, not giving a fuck is on of the best things that came to me in my life.

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What I ate Wednesday #76 – On the Veggie Train again!

Hands down my WIAW posts are maybe the ones I enjoy the most. I love to arrange my food prettily, I love to take nice pictures and I love to post them on Wednesday mornings just because it reminds me how awesome food is (haha as if I needed a reminder). I always found the idea behind Jenn’s link-up party wonderful and I really hope she’ll decide to continue it at some point. But no matter what I’ll keep posting WIAW posts just because it’s fun and I love them!



Monday was a good day food wise. I went to the office and made a little detour to the supermarket on my way because I craved fresh fruit and a smoothie like crazy. True Fruits green smoothie it was for breakfast!

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Catching up Monday

Monday, today I am awfully happy to see you again. This might be mainly because I am back at work after 10 days of being sick at home. 10 days is such a long time! Of course it’s not when you’re on a vacation and have a million plans and so…. but when you’re bound to lie around at home, the TV program is really trashy and besides shitty reality TV you have the choice between an ancient rerun of A and an ancient rerun of B, your eyes are too tired to read and you have no company besides a 60 cm plush snowman (Hello Olaf :-D )….. ahhhh you get the point!


In a nutshell, I am happy to be on the mend again!

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