Vegan Sweet and Spicy Quinoa Salad

I am in a massive eat-all-the-grains-and-add-all-the-beans-phase at the moment. And I blame the Whole Foods salad bar! Almost all salads there were made of a grainy base like rice, couscous, bulgur or quinoa and they all had at least one legume like black beans, kidney beans, edamame, lentils or chickpeas in them. And the other thing they all had in common? They were extraordinarily good-tasting and therefore highly addictive. So what’s a German girl gotta do when the next Whole Foods is 1009 km (yes, I googled that) away? Sure, getting some inspiration for her own salad bar.

sweet & spicy quinoa salad

The outcome was this vegan, gluten-free and protein-rich salad that makes me almost forget the 1009 km! So this is #1 of a few salads coming up which will be followed by a few BBQ recipes. I will make the king of marinades (aka the hubby) share some of his favorites with me so that I can share them with you guys. The summer can come :-)

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Thinking Out Loud #63 – Currently

My mantra over the last few weeks was basically: After London everything will be better, after London everything will be better, after London everything will be better… and I told myself on repeat only to make it through the weeks. Now it’s “after London” and everything is indeed better. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it’s not only the calm before the storm….


And as basically everything is better all I want to share for today is good in the hands of a currently post out loud!

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What I ate Wednesday #88 – The London Edition

My vacation centers around food and I am not ashamed of it. Food makes me happy. Trying new things or eating something I can only have so rarely, seeing all those beautiful colors and tasting so many beautiful things is just something that cheers my heart. And all efforts of balancing life and so on is just not important to me on vacation. Eating what I want and not what I think I should makes me turn to the good and healthy stuff most of the time anyways. Of course there were burger and of course also KitKat, Reese’s and muffins but I had my fair share of veggies and quality food thanks to my extended visits at Whole Foods and Borough Market. vacation Time = enjoy it all time!


Instead of my usual cumulated full impact/ all I ate/ remembered to take a picture off WIAW posts I am going to share a full London vacation day of eats. Firstly because I love to stick to the rules and secondly because I want to give a more realistic picture of all the insanity. You can find my Top 10 London Highlights and how I coped with the family here.

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Catching up Monday #23 – London

And just like that I am back at home. It’s always astonishing how fast 5 days can pass. And it’s also always totally astonishing how much food I can eat in only 5 days.


To be honest I had a bit of mixed feelings regarding this whole going on a trip with your family thing and all in all my feelings were right. Don’t get me wrong, we had a good time and much fun but we had also our fair share of tense moments. I am not going to bitch about my family but who’s ever been on a holiday with the parents and siblings as an adult might understand what I am talking about. So far so good today I am going to share a few of our London highlights!

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What I ate Wednesday #87 – Feeling good again

As you read this I am probably either high up in the air or already safely landed on British soil. Which also means I have either

a) a burger

b) a pint of whatever or

c) both of the above

in my hands.


But more of this next week. Let’s not count the burgers before they’re eaten or so they say….let’s have a look on my Monday plates instead.

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Comparing myself to…!

Hello friends I am already fantasizing about strolling down a fancy London street with the firm resolution to hit Whole Foods at least once a day. I am greedy when I am on vacation :-D Today I think a little of the past out loud.


Comparison has been a topic of discussion in the blog world for what seems like forever and I’ve read a fair share of posts with very interesting angles to target said topic. When I was scrolling through old blog posts lately I also found one of my first WIAW posts and to be honest I was a bit shocked about what I saw. So today I am going all contradictory with some shameless comparison. I am overly honestly comparing myself to me 2 years back!

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Catching up Monday #22 – feeling sassy

I feel a bit sassy today and as sarcasm is my lube you better buckle up and don’t take me to seriously! I may have a little too much energy to be good for me today.


Wooot wooot it’s Monday! I may sound totally nuts and maybe I even am but it’s Monday and that means it’s officially only 2 days until I fly off to my favorite city on this continent.

This time with my sister, my mum and of course my husband who’ll hopefully keep me sane. Vacation with my family is something I have avoided since I turned 15. But now that we’re all grown-ups *cough* *cough* I think things might be a bit easier.

But I am ahead of myself. I’ll post enough London related stuff next week. Promise :-P So let’s catch up on what happened last week.

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