Thinking Out Loud #60 – Time Out!

I can’t deny that the last weeks have been rough! Work on the one hand was intense but I can handle this. The thing that made it hard to cope was the emotional pressure we were under. I told you how bad things looked with the two grandmas and sadly after a few ups and downs both passed away last week. So next to everything that’s going on we have to cope with our grief and travel through half Germany to attend the funerals. So one sad weekend is to come but today I won’t think about it!


Today I am trying to release a bit of my stress by doing all I want just for myself out loud!

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What I ate Wednesday #84 – Supermarket Eats

Last weekend Stefan and I were invited to a wedding. So after coming home late on Friday, baking a cake to bring, sleeping for a few short hours, leaving for the hotel in the dawn of the day, celebrating, having fun, sleeping for less than a few short hours, driving back home and just collapsing we somehow didn’t get to buy any food!


The beautiful cake was gone and on Monday morning we were left with an empty fridge and nothing to bring to work. So let’s see what I found in the supermarket on my way to work!

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Thinking Out Loud #59 – Currently

Hell no, how can it be Thursday already??? I can hardly believe it! But I am sick of whining about my self-inflicted misery.  So in order to prevent speaking of my oh so wearing life AGAIN I better talk about some current stuff beneath the layer of stress on the surface.


And even better about this kind of post is that I don’t need to think too much about structure and other stuff and I can keep just gushing like I usually do. And also as it’s Thursday Let’s talk about this a bit out loud!

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What I ate Wednesday #83 – All the goodnes on the plate

I am stressed, like I am really really stressed. I am in full panic mode right now that leads to long hours of working and working on the weekends as well. After my presentation on Friday which freaks me out bluntly speaking I will have to make a decent point in lowering my stress levels.

I would love if this worked but luckily better advice is provided by Meghan and I will gladly follow some tips and techniques she suggested commencing next week! So far I am proud of myself that I didn’t ditch my workouts in favor for working more as this is clearly one of three things that keep me sane. Or at least the part of sane I can still be kept. Not going to my workouts is without any doubt a deal breaker for me. So is neglecting food.

Last Sunday I was working for about 8 h from home and in between had some fantastic eats that made my day a lot more enjoyable. This and the unconditional support by the hubby who cooked with me and also served Mimosas when I was done ;-)

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Catching up Monday #20 – Ain’t nobody got time for anything

It’s 9 am Monday morning and I am already jazzed. My mind feels strangely disconnected from my body and if I had to describe my estimated cortisol levels the only words I can find are: sky-rocket!

Bla bla bal I know I should catch a breath and try to calm down bla bla bla stress is super toxic for me bla bla bla why not try yoga or meditate bla bla bla: shut up inner voice, ain’t nobody got time for that!


Not that I got this off my chest and finally shut up the inner (I do know reasonable) voice I get me a cup of coffee and allow me a few minutes of telling you what happened here the last few days.

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Wild Garlic Parmesan Pesto

After the snow hit us again last week we finally have a few days of spring here. It’s warm and sunny outside and I crave everything green. Speak of asparagus, spinach and also wild garlic.In fact wild garlic is absolutely underrated in my eyes and I am fairly positive that at least 85% of my friends have never even heard of it let alone eaten it. Which is a shame in my eyes because it tastes great! But maybe I am a little biased as I really really love garlic in general!

I got super excited last week when I finally found some wild garlic in the grocery store and I couldn’t wait to use it my favorite way: as pesto paired with parmesan!


It’s basically the only way I really enjoy the wild garlic as it’s pretty dominant in taste and – not surprising – very garlic-ish. But I can go super crazy with adding this pesto to anything! My favorite is a spinach quesadilla but of course any dressing, pasta sauce, dip, sandwich… benefits of a nice little garlic-ish twist! And as a plus, it’s super easy to make and takes you only five minutes!

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What I ate Wednesday #82 – Some Easter Eats

Peopel today my arms hurt like crazy! After two days conentrating on arms with horrible numbers of push-ups and pull-ups (still my nemesis) and yesterday additional pusjh-presses. It was great! I actually like when I feel my arm muscles grow.

But I am super glad that I have plans to go to a sauna spa with my friend Sandra tonight after some decent work on my thesis. I really need to relax a little and I am also very keen to catch up with her after a long time when we never met alone.

But before diving into my work today let’s talk a little about food. To mix things up a little I’ll show you all my eats from Saturday.

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