“The time has come,” the walrus said….

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After two and a half wonderful years of blogging I have finally and officially outgrown this place here. With my 30 years I am just too old now to live in what felt more like a children’s room back home at my parent’s house than a place that reflects me and my personality.

So last week I’ve packed all my stuff and moved over to my very first own place. I am still in the unpacking process but I am happy to have you over and visit me anytime!

My new adress is easy peasy to remember just strike off the wordpress! Or click here :-)


I am looking forward to having you over. I’ll serve coffee, wine and tea! And I just made cookies yesterday!


Week in Review – It’s gettin hot in here

November is playing silly jokes on us. It’s fucking hot outside with temperatures over 20°C (~70°F)! We were even having coffee on the balcony yesterday and I was wearing a t-shirt!

Hello, I want to wear woolen socks and scarfs. And I want to roast chestnuts and drink hot chocolate with whiskey and coffee with Bailey’s. But it still feels like Sangria and colorful beachy cocktails with silly umbrellas. Heck no, where’s my autumn gone?????

I am officially two work weeks out which means panic is kicking in. The next two weeks will be the busiest weeks for the rest of the year and I will have interviews back to back and some other things to sort out in between. The time to relax is officially over!

Last week flew by like a few colorful leaves in an autumn storm but I managed to collect some snippets for you today. To be honest I don’t really have much memory of last week and I was totally relying on my pictures to tell you what was going on. It happens. It’s usually a sign for me that my brain is too occupied to pay close attention. I haven’t figured out if this is good or bad yet.

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Quick and Easy Burger Buns

Can I hear a ‘HELL YES IT’S FRIDAY’ please?

After my last week being all about chilling and getting some much-needed sleep this week was quite taxing and in all honesty the opposite of relaxed. But luckily the week is almost over and that means it’s time for monopolizing my husband this evening and feed us both with one of our favorite comfort foods.

So that means I have a goodie for you today! People it’s finally time to reveal the making of my favorite homemade burger. This is just long overdue and to be honest I am not sure why I never posted my infamous burger recipe. But the time has come to change that now. As the making of this burger is actually a three-step process I am going to make a little series out of it. I decided to work my way from the outside to the core.

easy buns

So today I am going to share a recipe for a Quick and Easy Burger Bun that is completely yeast free!  Next Wednesday I am going to show you my favorite Burger Toppings including my Lime Guacamole and Basic Homemade Salsa! And next Friday we’re going to finish with the glorious core piece, the Spicy Beef Burger Pattie!

As always this recipe serves 4 which means dinner and lunch for the next day. Get excited, I certainly am!

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Lately, Currently, Whatever, Whenever

And just like that it’s November. Okay that’s not true. I am longing for November to come ever since we came back from our summer vacation. And finally finally it has come. Two weeks to get over at work and with the usual life stuff until we’re boarding the giant plane again and set off for the next adventure. A short one this time but I am convinced not less memorable :-) So far still life is happening so today let’s talk life out loud.

Life – I am loving it! No, that’s McDonald’s!

Sorry I was just watching one of my favorite movies ever and I am always quoting books, movies and TV shows when I have spent too much time with it.

Okay, I’ll stop that now!

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Healthy Pesto Gnocchi Salad

I personally divide the world in two sorts of people: kindred spirits and people I don’t get! Okay maybe I should have mentioned that I am talking about food.

Let me explain. When it comes to food I personally divide the world into those people who are hungry to experience food and don’t get bored to talk  about the beauty of a certain food or dish for 10 minutes and people who just eat anything and that’s it.

We all have those friends and co-workers who eye your lunch and ask what it is and want to have a bite or two and then let you explain how you cooked the dish, ask about ingredients and you see this certain kind of sparkling in their eyes when they eat something delicious. In my experience this is like 5 % of people when you’re lucky.

Because then there are those other people who eye your lunch maybe a bit suspiciously and ask what it is. And when you start to explain they look at you with a blank face especially when you mention ‘exotic’ ingredients like coconut flour, brown rice syrup or even almond butter. Yes, that’s Germany! If you’re not a vegan, body builder or foodie you most probably never heard of almond butter.

Sometimes I find it particularly difficult to cook for those not like-minded people when you have them over for dinner. Or I always rack my brain when I have to bring something to a BBQ or party not only like 5 % of people would even try.


So I am totally happy to have this recipe as a go-to when I have to cook for ‘difficult people’ or just crave a really quick and easy dinner that is full of fresh food, dense in nutrition and flavor and just overall satisfying thanks to the healthy fats and carbs.

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