Vacation starts now!

I am just popping in quickly with my mug of morning coffee in hand, still a bit sleepy but also darn excited. I still need to pack my suitcase, make snacks and sandwiches for our road trip, answer some work emails and clean the apartment a bit. But I don’t care – vacation starts now!

I wanted to pack my suitcase yesterday but to be honest I was too lazy. Procrastination is my middle name and I’ve always been too good at getting things about right last minute. I guess it’s not worth fretting about it and take it as a given. So packing is still on!

This afternoon we’re hitting the road and drive all the way down south to meet the family in Italy. We’ll spend a few days there relaxing before we come back home. We’ve then one day at home for laundry and packing all the stuff we need for our adventure in North America. And in one short week exactly at the time where I am typing this we’re going to fly off to Vancouver. More stops on our tour will be Victoria, the National Parks in Washington, Seattle, Phoenix, various places in North Arizona and Utah including Sedona, Page, Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. For the last part of our trip we’re meeting a friend in Las Vegas and spend there a few days lying at the pool and start drinking in the afternoon. So you see, I’ll be way too busy to speak to you for a while.
I will keep up posting on Instagram so feel free to stop by and visit me there. I wish you all a wonderful summer! Maybe we’ll see each other again in September. But there’s still this teeny tiny chance that I just hide somewhere in the mountains and don’t come back.


How to create Awesome Marinades – A step by step Guide

Finally! This is one post I’ve been planning for ages but never quite gotten around to putting together! Until now!

I had a bit of a fucking last two weeks but I’ve finally found my buzz back and now I have returned to my easy-breezy self. Okay maybe not but my emotional climate shall not be topic on today’s agenda.

Instead let’s start with some good old confessions:

Confession #1 – I marinade everything
Confession #2 – I am not afraid to nutty experiments when it comes to marinades
Confession #3 – I am feel like Harry Potter in potion class when I create new marinades
Confession #4 – I LOVE IT!

Maybe not all of these were perfect confession material but who cares. But let’s go back to the marinades.

Step by step guide

At the moment with the BBQ season full on whenever I enter the supermarket I see special set up promo areas touting for super special BBQ sauces, pre-mixed marinades, pre-packed, pre-marinated veggies and ready to grill pre-buttered baguette.

When you enter the meat section the display is bursting with pre-marinated chicken, beef and lamb. I admit that it does look delicious but whenever I’ve eaten some of the pre-marinated meat in the past years I had a troubled stomach for days. Needless to say that I am not a fan! Especially when making your own, tastebud-personalized marinade is as simple as it can get!

Seriously there is no excuse not to do it as today I am going to fill you in on the secret to create awesome marinades from scratch. Whatever kind of marinade you want to create I’ve experienced that there are a few rules you should stick to and a few guidelines you can interpret as loosely as you prefer.

Okay let’s start.

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Catching up Monday #32 – One week to go

Hell yes, this is the last week at work before my much-needed vacation. I guess it’s safe to say that I am not in the best place right now. I know the signs and I hope this vacation will smooth everything out and I can come back to work in late September with more energy and some motivation.

I try to keep my Mondays light usually but today I feel in the mood to take a look behind the curtains of my distress. Join me?

Sometimes I really wonder what’s wrong with me! I’ve been complaining about my long working hours, tough schedule, pressure at work…. for what feels like forever and since two weeks everything has slowed down and we get to enjoy our well-deserved summer low! Ever since I am useless! I have way too much spare time for my good. I have 5-6h to myself every single day and I can’t cope with it at all. Stefan’s schedule hasn’t changed (actually it’s gotten worse over the last few weeks) so he’s out a lot more than I am. I am bored to death, lounge around and pester my friends on what’s app! All those who actually work find me pretty annoying and I can’t say that I am not massively annoyed by myself by now. Last week I cleaned the flat on a weekday! I even hoovered which I usually avoid at all costs. I even bribed people in the past to do it for me. I cook and eat all the time just to busy myself in the kitchen. I am so glad it’s only a week left because I can’t say what would happen if my life stayed like this for the next month or so.

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Cheesy Mexican Stuffed Baguette

Summertime is BBQ time – I guess I have mentioned this quite a lot on here lately. As much as I love to fire on the grill every other night I also love meeting with friends for a BBQ. It’s nice when everyone brings something to eat and you get to try many different things.

But we never invite people to our place. It’s just not spacious enough to for many to hang out. So there’s always someone else in charge to coordinate the side dishes. So at some point you have to ask the inevitable question: What should I bring? Always followed by: Maybe NOT a salad?

I have a confession to make: I hate to bring salads! This is because a) everyone brings salads and b) I don’t like salad dressing and can’t make good ones.

Cheesy Mexican Stuffed Baguette

Luckily there are other options like this Cheesy Mexican Stuffed Baguette. It can be prepared easily in advance and makes a nice alternative to a salad and are also not as boring as a simple bread.

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8 signs I might be a Crossfitter after all!

They say Crossfit is a cult and Crossfitters are pretty weird people who talk pretty weird shit ALL THE TIME. Bluntly speaking they say Crossfitters are self-righteous jerks (haha pun intended). So far I’ve shrugged that away always believing I don’t take part in that cult shit and that I stayed pretty normal. Or relatively normal depending on the kind of normal you use as a reference. But I digress…

Lately I’ve noticed behavior that makes me question whether the cult has caught up with me. Let’s do this out loud!


First things first: I don’t see me as a Crossfitter and I don’t call me Crossfitter either. I do Crossfit. End of story. Maybe this is because I feel like this most of the time when I am at the gym

But nevertheless maybe you don’t have to be the embodiment of an Crossfit athlete to play along!

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What I ate Wednesday #99 – The day that required some booze!

Some days are just so extremely sucky that all you want to do is to curl up into a ball and hide somewhere dark like under your bed or my prefered place under my work desk and shut out the world and pretend everything is nice and quiet and nothing bad ever happens. Okay nothing really bad happened. Are you familiar with the concept of ‘one of those days’? Yes? Okay!

I had one of those days last Monday which was the day I had picked for my weekly WIAW so now you’re kindly invited to join me on the ride to review a fucked up day! You gotta change it up sometimes, don’t you?


When I got up I was still kinda tired but nothing too bad. A cuppa coffee and a little sugar for breakfast lifted my spirits immensely. As did watching three episodes of Daria along my breakfast. I had this Double Chocolate Fudge which is a perfectly acceptable breakfast and even if not I wouldn’t care. I am hooked.


Then I arrived at work. Our tiny spaced parking lot was completely closed down and I had to park illegally at a spot 10 min away. I had to speak to a person I hate on the phone. I worked on a silly task of some other person’s project for 4 hours. I didn’t work at all on my own tasks. Another problem came up mainly because another person fucked up big time and I had foreseen it but nobody listened to my concerns. It costs me 10% of my yearly budget – for nothing! …. the list goes on but I am tired of repeating the shit. All this would usually annoy me but on Monday it teared me down. I am at a point where anything seems too much to bear and I desperately need that vacation. I hate to be all negative but I just have no more positivity in store.

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Catching up Monday #31 – I watch too much TV

Ciao bellezza! Let’s start the week Italian, shall we? I am feeling in a caprese kind of mood and I am a little sad that I don’t have one of these sandwiches left to dig in now. But never mind, the mozzarella and tomatoes are only one trip to the groceries away and luckily I have a well stocked supermarket right next to my building. So tonight is the night…..

Caprese Beef Sandwich II

But I digress….

It’s Monday and I feel a little chatty today. Let’s have a bit of random talk and I am going to feed you some bits and pieces from my last week as well. And if you’re really nice to me I am also going to show you a little recipe spoiler of what’s coming your way this week. If you follow me on Instagram you might have already had a sneak peek though. I can’t keep any secrets for too long. At least not my own!

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