Catching up Monday #27 – Juliland Shenanigans

Monday Monday – my I have to run day….

Mondays are always busy here. Everyone is in the office and people want to talk with you about everything! Weekend shenanigans, the newest dramas amongst their friends, food, the weather and sometimes even work related stuff!

Today is the first Monday in my new owl planner and I promised myself to start every week with a little week planning. I plan my workouts, blog posts, work events and loosely which tasks I want to finish at which day. The odds are I keep it about two weeks until I relapse into old habits aka scribbling endless lists and losing them in the thick of things but you never know. Maybe up from today I am going to be all organised ;-)

But now let’s move onto the important things and catch up on what happened last week

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Chimichurri Bean Salad

Hot food, spicy food, garlic and onions, cheese, meat and repeat! This is my life. And you know what? I love it!

Summertime is BBQ time and I have a simple personality. Okay that’s a lie but when it comes to some things, I am easy. When I like something I do it again and again and again….

…..Sandwiches, Burger, BBQs and lately this wonderful fresh and spicy Chimichurri Bean Salad.

Chimichurri Bean Salad

Today I am gonna spoil you all a bit. I have you provided with three recipes in one post here.

First you get the Chimichurri which beside its use in this Bean Salad recipe is also a fantastic condiment for meat and sandwiches.

Secondly you get the Chimichurri Bean Salad which is perfect as a side for a BBQ or even as a full lunch or dinner.

And as a cherry on top you get an inspiration to use up the leftovers. A Chimichurri Bean Sandwich with cheese that you can easily make on the grill.

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Oregano Ginger Marinade

The hubby is a genius when it comes to developing perfect delicious and creative marinades. The genius is not limited to this talent but that’s a different story altogether. What he is not so good at *cough* *cough* really sucks at *cough* *cough* is writing down what he puts into his marinades. This marinade – or at least variations of it – have been on repeat a la casa D.  for weeks now:

He made the marinade – I said “write it down please” – he didn’t!

He made the marinade – I said “tell me what’s in there please, I write it down ” – he didn’t!

He made the marinade – I stood next to him taking notes (not giving it my it my full attention) and quizzing him later about the exact amount of each ingredient – he didn’t remember!

I forced him to guess – he did – I made the marinade, wrote it down and share it with you guys today!

Ginger Marinade

I was happy! Then the next hitch came up. How to name it? All variations of combined ingredients that actually sounded yummy had been used for another marinade recipe and if not still bear to much of a resemblance. I don’t speak SEO but I guess “Crack Marinade” isn’t really an impressive choice even if it fits. Even my sister liked it and she is not a fan of ginger AT ALL! So in the end Stefan suggested Oregano Ginger Marinade. And after all it’s his recipe and he gets to choose. Sounds pretty strange if you ask me. But I assure you the flavors go along so nicely – the marinade is one of my personal favorites!

So here for you today, the King of Marinades first own marinade recipe for you!

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What I ate Wednesday #93 – The Sprint 2 the Table Edition

Hello again. Another Wednesday, another day of food. I am continuing my little experiment of eating my way through another blogger’s archives. In a nutshell I cook and eat a full day of recipes one blogger each time. Last week for my first ‘episode’ I ate my day through lovely Meg’s recipes. In case you missed thee yummyness, check it out here!

To say that this experiment kicked off well would be a huge understatement and so I was really keen to try it again this time with the recipes of: Sprint 2 the Table!

I am partaking in Laura’s strangebutgood link-up for a while and she never fails to impress me with unique and creative and well strange but good sounding recipes.  I love how brave she is with combining ingredients and I am equally thankful and deeply impressed by how much she made me looking forward to a 6 hour stay in Atlanta between flights this summer.  So on Sunday strange but good sounded very appealing and so I rummaged her archives, chose a few (and I had a hard time) and spent most of my day cooking and eating. My kind of day!



Cake for breakfast? I am game! Cheesecake for breakfast? Even more! I prepared this one the evening before and so on Sunday morning after my coffee I only had to open the fridge and get out this beauty: Red Velvet Chia Cheesecake. I topped it with the remaining crumbles from the Vegan Peach Crumble we had on Saturday. Perfection <3

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Guilt Trips and Emotional Blackmailing

I started to type up my usual Monday post today but I couldn’t stop thinking about this topic. So I take it as a sign and just allow my thoughts to put themselves into writing. Today it’s time to talk about something uncomfortable, unpleasant and in my case indefinitely irritating out loud:

Guilt Trips and Emotional Blackmailing!

Ultimately I have always been a sucker for guilt trips. I make other people’s problems my own and try to please everyone and do everything to make them not feeling bad. Even when I turn out to be the only one that feels emotionally and physically drained in the end.

And if there are no other people’s problems around for me to take on I have more than one thing in my life I happily send myself to guilty island about! To name just a few:

  • I don’t call my mother often enough
  • I never call my father
  • I don’t see my friends often enough not even the close ones
  • I should work more/ more structured
  • My PhD thesis is not at all where it’s supposed to be

There’s more but you see it’s all about things I should do! I’ve spoken about the shoulds and the implication how they would make us more happy a few weeks back. And for myself I came to the conclusion that I want to make myself free of these self-inflicted guilt trips and enjoy what I am doing instead. Doing things that make me happy ALWAYS leave me much happier in the end than any fretting about things I should have done ever did! You see a pattern forming? For the first time in my life I decided to be egoistic! I decided to put myself first. I decided to stop beating myself up about anything and be kinder and more forgiving to myself!

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Vegan Peach Crumble

Do you remember when I bought a ton of kitchen props last week? And do you also remember that I had to promise Stefan to make him Crumble in the new casserole dishes to reconcile him for my shopping spree? He is – I and I might add that he’s not totally off – in constant concern that at some point the kitchen drawers might explode. But what should I say? The kitchen is tiny but I need that stuff! Luckily the promise of a crumble made his resistance crumble in the end ;-)

Vegan Peach Crumble 4

This good wife I am I kept my promise, spent some time in the kitchen this week and came up with a perfectly healthy, yet a little boozy, vegan and gluten-free Peach Crumble that just made us swoon! If you cut the booze – or don’t mind – this is also totally breakfast approve!

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Sweet and Spicy Ginger Marinade

It looks like I won’t stop posting marinade recipes anytime soon. I hope you don’t mind because I certainly don’t! This one had a bit of a tough start. This is neither strictly my recipe nor Stefan’s but a co-production. I started and when I hit a wall he came to my rescue and provided the finishing touches. I see it like in the end it got the best of both worlds. When I think about it this is in many ways actually!

It’s got both my AND Stefan’s genius mastermind marinade making talent, it is a little sweet AND a little sour, it is spicy AND creamy and it combines the superpowers of ginger AND garlic!

Sweet Ginger Marinade

Speaking of ginger and garlic, in my books, this is a match made in heaven. I love the flavor of both but combined they just provide the right kick to make a good meal to a fantastic one. And in terms of health benefits you know that each of them alone seem to be the Wolverine of herbs but combining them it’s like you have the whole fucking X-Men’s superpowers on your plate. If you’re interested you can find a little more sophisticated information about the health benefits of both here for example.

Well this is all good and nice but ultimately I’ll share this recipe with you because the marinade is damn delicious and I made it already three times this year!

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