Parmesan and Lentil Veggie Burger Patties

Burger – Burger everywhere……

I am a self-declared and proven lover of burger! And I can’t say often enough that I am also a great meat-eater. I guess I can go this far that over the last two years beef burger have become my signature food. Sometimes they even happen a few days in a row! In variations or absolutely identical – the addiction is real!

But then there are these days when craving a burger and not craving meat collide. It happens….. A few weeks back after eating the most delicious Spicy Chili con Carne on Earth for a few days I was indeed fed up with the ground beef.

But the addiction is real and a burger was all I craved! So said burger cravings needed to be satisfied but had to be in a different form from my usual go-to staple! Looking for an alternative was the game plan!

Here my niece Victoria comes into play. She somehow was the inspiration behind this veggie packed version of my favorite food without intending to be. You have to know, little 2-year old Vicky is indeed my heroine since she ordered a unique and special meal for dinner in our hotel in Italy this summer: Parmesan and Strawberries!

My little onion knows what’s good! Though it might be too much for any taste buds to combine the two she unleashed a weird craving for parmesan in me. It was dull, somewhere in the back but somehow grew strong and didn’t leave me when I racked my brain for a burger idea. So this Parmesan packed Veggie and Lentil Burger recipe was born!

Parmesan Patties

Parmesan is the glue that holds this deliciousness together. It’s the prevalent taste that balances out all the veggies in there nicely. The patties have a lovely mellow texture and come with a Creamy Parmesan & Tahini Dip to die for! Seriously don’t try the patties without the dip. They belong together like butter and bread, like peanut butter and bananas, like parmesan and strawberries…. okay I back away from the latter!

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Catching up Monday #33

Monday morning’s got me at my non-existent balls!

This may be due to my dismay about my recent discovery that the NY trip is in 7 weeks whereas I was so sure it was in only 6 weeks. I know it’s silly and I get over it now.

Okay, done!

But this may be also because traffic is horrible everywhere right now. There have been numerous bad traffic jams over the last week or so with the one this morning being the worst. The usually last 7 minutes of my commute took me 40 minutes in total. On Thursday the train broke and I had to walk all the way from the city center to my work place. It took me 30 minutes instead of 3 minutes! Buhu I am not patient and I hate traffic. And driving a car with manual transmission sucks hard in this scenario.

Nevertheless I made it to work and now I am sipping my second cup of coffee looking at my to-do list that just doubled as my colleague called in sick this morning. She offered to come – flu or not – but I put her in her place and told her to stay away from me! When she’s sick you have to be bossy with her or she shows up ;-) I am a huge friend of staying at home when sick. And even when not…. one day I have to tell you which yearbook awards I won in my senior year. But not today…

Let’s speak a little about last week. This was the first full week in real life again and transition was not easy. I always dive smoothly from work to holiday and have a rather bumpy way back from holiday to work. I guess most people can relate here.

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Spicy Chili con Carne

It’s not shocking news that I have the best husband ever! And I am not only saying this because he let’s me share his Chili recipe!

Besides all the reasons why he is a wonderful person and friend and all the little quirks that make him exactly right for me he is also a great cook! He makes a darn delicious Thai Curry and the perfect Steak but his not so secret weapon is his wicked Spicy Chili con Carne! I am in love – with the Chili and the guy! I mean who wouldn’t be putty in the hands of a man who cooks?

Now that it’s autumn here in Germany my cravings shift again. When the temperatures drop I always start to crave warm stews or casseroles. It’s the season of comfort food! And Chili con Carne perfectly fits my needs.


This recipe is perfect for meal prepping. Stefan always cooks enough to feed a small army. When I decided to finally share the recipe my first intention was to break the measurements down to a more reasonable dinner size portion plus leftovers. But then I decided against it. It is the perfect recipe to bulk cook and freeze for lazy days or days when you just don’t have time to make a decent meal.

It’s packed with protein and flavor, has a nice slightly hot and spicy touch and is perfectly healthy although it ticks all the boxes for happiness inducing comfort food! I adore complex flavors and with the mixture of hot, spicy, slightly sweet, salty and the nice fresh touch of lime it’s one of my favorite dishes ever!

If you’re not sold to making this by now I am sorry but we can’t be friends anymore!

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Lately, Currently, Whatever, Whenever

The following sentence is a bad clichΓ© among bloggers but I am using it anyway: Hell where’s the time gone and how can it be October already?

Okay maybe the cursing is just me but seriously, how can it be October already? Wasn’t it just July and I was complaining about the heat and how the time didn’t pass until my vacation? And now everyone eats only pumpkin, we have fog in the morning and I just started to wear my Gryffindor scarf again.

I’ve already been pestering you with my travel recaps over the course of the last week telling you about my travel highlight and fails and also inviting you to share a day with us + giving you the food files yesterday so I guess we should also get a chance to catch up beyond travelling. I promise not to mention the ‘v’-word or ‘t’-word in this post anymore. Promise! So let’s talk about some things that currently happen in my life out loud.

Current book – I am gonna divide this into fiction and non-fiction as I always read in parallel

Fiction: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban – I don’t get to read much at the moment. So I am still midst the Potter books and I like it. I already have a feeling what will be my next book :-P

Non-Fiction: Lonely Planet: The World – To me it’s a story of absence and desire (Bonus point if you get the reference!)


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All the food

Cheerio folks. I guess this post is long overdue and I actually don’t remember why I didn’t talk at all about the combo I am usually most interested in until now. Travelling and Food.

Because: Travelling + Good Food = EPIC EXPERIENCE


I am being honest to you and myself and admit that my travel bucket list is full of food. Or put that in the language of Lonely Planet:

If my travel bucket list were 10 people 7 would serve me a specific food.

And that’s okay for me. Stefan is more or less the same. He’s not as crazy as I am about it and he definitely can’t get lost for 2 h at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s but he understands or at least pretends to understand. I haven’t figured it out yet.

I guess I don’t give the show away if I tell you that food-wise we had some pretty epic experiences. My idea of an ideal day of foods whilst travelling is always balanced out in a way. I mean I really don’t want to miss out on any food I want to try and I certainly love to eat out. But a) eating out is expensive and 2 people eating out 3 times a day for 4 weeks… you do the math and b) my stomach doesn’t like it either.

The portion sizes are too much for me and also let’s face it I am actually not going to order oats when I can have pancakes neither would I order a salad when I can have a burger. So pancakes and burgers three times a day… bring on the heartburn relief! So a mix of both seems ideal! Let me show you what I mean.

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Healthy Cinnamon Swirl Breakfast Bread

It’s over a week now that we’re back from our wonderful summer vacation. I already miss it. I miss the time off, I miss to be with Stefan 24/7, I miss to go on some adventures and I miss all the glorious foods you can get in the States in every supermarket but not here.

Sour Patch Watermelon, Peanut Butter M&Ms, Chocolate with Bacon, Blue Diamond Habanero Nuts, Almond Breeze with a hint of Honey and Cinnamon Swirl Bread.

Whilst I cannot do anything to get the former ones I can roll up my sleeves, get the kitchen and myself messy and make my own Cinnamon Swirl Breakfast Bread.

Hello gorgeous!


This Cinnamon Swirl Breakfast Bread is a sweet alternative to my usual oatmeal, tit bake or bars.Β  But to be honest the bread only survived one morning. Then I had it for lunch and several snacks in between. Stefan also ate 4 slices as a dessert after dinner. Yes, it’s that good.

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My Top 10 favorite Moments travelling Canada and USA: Part II – The Southwest

How weird is it that writing about Travel Fails is so much more fun than writing about the places you actually loved? So much for Stefan’s dream of me being a famous travel blogger being paid for us travelling the world! I put that idea out of his head quickly :-P

Maybe I am better with fails because I run mainly on sarcasm. And when talking about the places I love I try to bite back as much sarcasm as I can. Sometimes it comes out nonetheless, like a burp, with no chance to holding back. I actually don’t mind those little burps that much. If they manage to wiggle out I guess they have every right to stay.

Ever since I have freed myself and decided that I wouldn’t hold back anymore but unleash my full personality on you it feels a lot easier and natural. And the occasional burp is just part of that. Stefan and I call it “Hirnfurz” – but I won’t translate that here.

Nevertheless as much as I like to show you my sassy side, today I still have the second installment of my favorite moments travelling Canada and the USA for you. Today we’ll cover the Southwest which means I maybe should cross out Canada in the headline. But nah….

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