What I ate Wednesday #98 – A weekend in Narnia

I can’t believe this year’s Narnia weekend is already over!


Yes, Narnia. Of course I haven’t really been to Narnia this weekend (that’s the official story!) but I love to call the place I’ve been Narnia because it’s such an enchanted experience and somehow something you I don’t consider to be part of any real world. Prior to writing this post I’ve rummaged through my archives and re-read last year’s post. I can’t believe this has really already been one year ago!


I am fitting a bit of a recap and also two days of food in this one post here. Too much goodness I need to share :-)

Friday evening always starts with fireworks. The best part about it is that they shoot it almost next to our house. So it’s right above us. It’s long and amazing and it always puts me in such a good mood :-)


On Saturday mornings we went to the town center. We always do. We had a Bagel with Prosciutto and Parmesan and some coffee. Stefan and I always share everything we eat there because otherwise you just wouldn’t be able to try all the goodness!


Then we went shopping. Berries on the farmer’s market, hiking shoes for the vacation (I am wearing them at the office now), completely necessary food props and some other stuff.

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Semi-Frozen Strawberry & Cream Smoothie

I might have mentioned a couple of times that we are on a massive heat wave at the moment. Besides the fact that the sweating is unreal and I shower three times a day I love it!

It’s the time for ice cream for dinner and smoothies any time of the day. Scrap that I plead for ice cream all day any day! Warm food seems like a no no at the moment.

But if I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s three times a day I would not only go bust in three days I’d also …. okay I see no downside besides the money thing. And until I finally get my way and we buy an ice cream machine I have to rely on smoothies. But why not have the best of both worlds? Something frozen you can drink with a straw? Let’s combine them both and make the smoothie semi-frozen!

Strawberry Cream Smoothie

The smoothie is packed with protein and makes the perfect post workout snack. You can make this smoothie vegan and paleo friendly or you just make it a decadent treat and top it with a huge pile of roasted marshmallows and chocolate drops. I would do the latter!

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Thinking Out Loud #71 – Heatwave, Travelling and the usual craziness

Hello Thursday. I am so glad the weekend is almost here. I have a Mississippi long to do list and I am procrastinating like hell!ย  Perfect time for thinking out loud!


Hot, hot, hot – I may sound like a broken record but it’s so hot here! I shower like three times a day. And in between I feel like I should get a shower asap. It’s not fun when you have to work. When you’re one of the lucky ones who can spend their days at the lake it must be the best summer ever. But seriously I am not complaining at all. Finally we do have a summer. Mother nature just skipped summer the last two years!

Sleep – Due to the heat I don’t sleep very well. I can’t cope with that properly as I have always been a brilliant sleeper. So I have to rely on coffee to wake me up in the morning and keep me going during the day. Iced coffee is my life saver. And though being a morning person I always find me in this state lately


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What I ate Wednesday #97 – Summer Days

It’s a freaking hot day though it’s technically still morning we are already facing about 30ยฐ C /86ยฐ F! Which means the office is a fucking sauna. Which means it’s basically punishment to work here. If it wasn’t for Crossfit tonight I would have stayed at home. Tomorrow I definitely will! It’s not that my apartment is any cooler than the office but at least I have access to unlimited cold drinks and smoothies and also nobody cares when I work in my underwear!

Okay but now let’s have a look at my day yesterday with a focus on all the food! I promise there it not a single sandwich in this post. I spared the sandwiches for this one and that one! Originally I intended to show you a day in Berlin but when I flipped through my pics I realized that I showed you all the good ones already here. So instead you get yesterday ;-)



I got up and after fixing the coffee machine I had my usual coffee along with one of those S’mores Protein Bars! I have only limited Quest Bar experience but I certainly know that those are WAY better! I always love to have some snack bars at hand especially for breakfast on a day when I work out in the morning. Some energy without a too full stomach.

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Catching up Monday #30 – Visiting Berlin

Oh man, what a week! I can’t believe it’s Monday already. The last couple of days have passed in a whirlwind. I suppose it’s always the same when you’re in a different city and your days are jam-packed and you don’t get enough sleep at all!

Speaking of not getting enough sleep, I am so horribly tired today! And then my coffee machine broke. I had to drive all the 45 min to work decaf! Now I am sitting in my office and sip the hot black life saver. I just don’t run properly without my morning fix!

But now back to catching up! So as you might know, I have been in Berlin for the last 4 days. I was attending a conference on Friday and Saturday and as I have never been to Berlin before I thought it would be nice to have a little extra time to explore the city. It might sound strange but I wasn’t prepared to like Berlin much. I don’t know why. Maybe because they always say that you are partial to either Munich OR Berlin – never both! But I’ve always been a bit different so it just seems fitting that I find both likable.

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Blueberry & Rosemary Marinade

Hello hello and hi from Berlin. As we speak I am sitting in my hotel room bed and enjoy a beautiful morning. I am still a little tired but unfortunately I messed up with my alarm and so I was up an hour early. Brilliant! But nothing coffee won’t be able to fix. That’s what I am telling myself. Please don’t burst my bubble!

Before I head off to the conference, I am checking in today to share my new recipe of Blueberry & Rosemary Marinade. Since I went blueberry picking with my aunt last week I was sure I needed to make a marinade with them. Second next to making blueberry pancakes of course ;-)


Blueberries are my favorite berries ever. So in the past week almost every time I went to the kitchen I stuffed my face silly with handfuls of blueberries. So so good! I love that despite their sweetness they still have a little tartness. That makes them less sweet than strawberries but sweeter than raspberries.

If you know some of my other marinade recipes you might have realized that I love the pair my fruits with herbs. Berries and herbs go along particularly well so pairing up blueberry and rosemary just seemed the thing to do. Add a little flavor and a pinch of heat and you have a nice marinade and you won’t stop be able to licking your fingers. And don’t even start spooning it!

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Thinking Out Loud #70 – Thoughts on Travelling to Berlin

Thursdays are for thinking out loud! Let’s speak a little about my trip to Berlin this weekend! Pretty much anything that comes to my mind. No filter, no fuss!


The City and I – As we speak/ as you read/ right now I am already in Berlin. Which means for me 4 days in the German capital city! Lots of historic things have happened there. To most of them I am shockingly oblivious or at best I am only periphery aware of them as our history teachers in school never managed to actually teach anything after WWII. And let’s be honest, I’ve never been so very keen on contemporary history to feel the need to educate myself! And let’s not speak about politics – this would be quite embarassing for me.

News – This is maybe due to the fact that I can’t watch the news. Really I think I am physically not capable. My mind just wanders away to strange places and I can’t discuss about anything later at all.

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