What I ate Wednesday #10 – Give me some Butternut Squash

Hello everyone,

it’s HUMP DAY!!!! And Hump Day means home office day!!!! As I am writing this I am sitting on my sofa with a cup of coffee and I am still wearing my pajamas. AMAZING :-) I have some admin stuff do do today but I won’t work too much. I had a busy last two days and the next two will be maniac. I have 10 interviews scheduled for the next two days. That’s crazy! I don’t know what I thought when arranging the appointments. At least they will pass quickly but I am not looking forward to the headache that will hit me anyway. But for today the sun is shining and I have an amazing day lying in front of me.

Anbother great thing about Hump Day? It’s WIAW!!! My favorite blogging day of the week. I love all your food posts! Thanks Jenn as always for hosting this!

Peas and Crayons

As yesterday was so busy I was surprised that I only forgot to picture one snack. Great job ;-)

I am still struggeling to get enough protein but I am getting better. Yesterday was the first day I got enough calories and an almost optimal carbs, fat, protein ratio. YAY :-)

Last Saturday I was a little crazy and bought 3 pumpkins. Yesterday I started the week of pumpkin with my first aquisition: Butternut Squash. So Butternut Squash was included in pretty much every meal. So yummy!

Meal #1

feigeI usually eat Breakfast in the car on my way to work. And I am totally fine with that. When I woke up yesterday I was ravenous! So I rummaged through my fridge and found a yummy looking fig which I covered with hazelnut butter. Heaven!

oatsThis soothed my hunger till Breakfast. I started the day right away with the pumpkin craze topping my oatmeal with some butternut squash and seasoning it with a holy lot of cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg. Some 4-nuts butter was included as well. And of course there was coffee.

Meal #2

I swallowed an unpictured chocolate lifebar in three bites between my interviews. My interviewees were inappropriately not in time. The 2nd one came 30 minutes early! Not very polite! Am I too touchy? I think showing up 30 minutes early is a no go. 5 minutes I am all up to it but 30 minutes? I didn’t even have a chance to have my usual cup of coffee. Lucky them I was in a good mood. Caffein deprivation makes me pretty mean!

Meal #3

lunchI was so lucky to have packed a huge lunch. Meal #3 was some veggie and chicken breast I had roasted the night before. I was so ready for it and it was amazing. Simple but so delicious :-D

Meal #4

Snack2In the afternoon I finally found some time to sit and breath and I had a protein snack consisting of egg white, cottage cheese and a few cups of nettle tea. It was really good to have a moment for myself. And I needed to re-hydrate after talking and listening for the whole day.

EiskaffeeOn our way back home we stopped my a little beer garden which we had admired about 100 times whilst passing by. The weather was brilliant and we decided it was time for a treat :-)

Gosh this was yummy!!!

Meal #5

AuflaufMy personal trainer is on vacation. Lucky her! So I went straight home and spend the entire evening food prepping. More butternut was included of course. I cooked this delicious casserole. I used leftover veggies, butternut and some homemade bolognese made of lean ground beef and tomato. I also used some cheese :-)

Now I will get up properly and start working. Maybe I will even find some time to do the laundry. Sounds fun? No rot really! But the laundry is pretty much mount everest like. And it grows….

Later on I will spend some time with all the other wonderful WIAW blogger :-) Tonight I will have soccer practice and maybe I can sneak in some abs and arms time as well. So needed!

How did you spend Hump Day?

Love Juli

15 thoughts on “What I ate Wednesday #10 – Give me some Butternut Squash

  1. I love home office days, I get so much stuff done and somehow also work more efficiently with a few little breaks here and there. And truthfully, nothing beats working in pjs all day!

    Oh and btw: being 30 minutes too early is definitely unpolite. I think 10 minutes are understandable for an interview, but otherwise I would totally wait in my car and call a friend or something.

    • Me too. And if I was 30 minutes early I would check out were the room is and then go away and would not wait in the open door till I was invited in (from someone drinking a well deserved coffee ;-)

    • Thank you I love it too. I had my first spaghetti squash the last 2 days. Today the epitome was a egg fried cinnamon spaghetti squash with apple pie topping. I am in fall heaven :-)

    • Go and try one now! Sorry to be a little bossy but I don’t want you to miss out that perfect experience! Looks a little bit funny but tastes so amazingly sweet and rich – best fall fruit ever!

  2. Your lasagna looks so good! I only recently discovered veggie lasagna, but I think it was an amazing invention! As far as the interview goes, if someone is 30 minutes late, I think you have every right to make them wait for at least 20 minutes, or until you are ready for them. It’s fine to be early, but you can expect someone to change around their schedule to accommodate that.

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