Catching up with my want-do list #4

Hello everyone,

keep-calm-and-live-a-little-27It’s already been a few weeks but I hadn’t had the time for a proper post about this amazing evening. So I decided to save it for some time but I will no longer let you wait now!

This waas the best so far! I can’t tell you what a nice evening we had!

Β For those of you who did not read my latest posts on that topic you find my want-do list here.

It was finally time for

Spending a night at a hotelroom with my husband

This was something my husband gave me as a wedding gift. When we bought his wedding suit we got us tickets for a wedding dance in October this shop hosts every year. happy

It’s such a nice idea! Basically you can go to a dance and waer your wedding gowns again!

Around 3pm we checked in and made ourself comfortabe in our hotel room. The room was clean and big enough but not at all nicely furnished. Four different shades of shabby yellow. So I didn’t take a photo. There was a visit in the hotel’s SPA area inculded in the room price. So we went there. Let’s face it SPA area was a little overestimated. It conatians a tiny pool and a little sauna. But it was okay for a nice little sweat.

Then we went back to our room had some champagne and started to get ready. It was fun to dress up again and we left around 6pm. When we arrived at the Kurhaus GΓΆggingen I was thrilled. It is such a wonderful location. It started to get dark and the Theater was all lit up and literally glowed. I was really impressed and excited how the evening would continue. There were so many brides and grooms it was almost surreal. We shared some good private moment joking about some people’s dresses and accessories. Mean I know but you were once-overed by so many people I am sure there was A HOLY LOT of tattle. There were couples that really overplayed it a little. Professional hairdos and make-up and there were even a few who arrived in a white streched limousine. photo

After a welcome champagne we were placed in the main room. We had some wine and the food was really great! After dinner finally the first dance was played. Since it was a waltz we sat out. We both don’t like to waltz and we’re pretty bad at it! We later discovered that a lack of dancing skills didn’t hinder some of the other couples from dancing aka leaving a path of destruction on the dance floor… party

Later we danced a little too but it was not so much fun as we had expected. The music was a tad strange and as mentioned some of these couples just didn’t watch the other couples and after being kicked several times we gave up. We went for a few drinks at the bar and had a second dessert:-)

meAround midnight we disappeared – just like Cinderella:-) I loved wearing my dress again and we are playing with the thought of going again next year! The next morning we had a yummy breakfast at the hotel. I had a giant bowl of chocolate granola which I never never eat! It was so good! The morning was very nice and we sang through our CD (very loud and very wrong) on our wy home! It was the perfect night out!

I hope you guys have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

Don’t forget to live a little!


5 thoughts on “Catching up with my want-do list #4

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    • πŸ˜€ I had problems after only 3 month! But maybe it’s an incentive to stay in shape when I buy tickets for next year? I think I will wait till spring to decide whether it’s possible to squeeze myself into that bodice ever again!

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